Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Kristen McQueary: Would you support an opioid addiction treatment center in your neighborhood?

From Tribune columnist Kristin McQueary. Chatham in the last few years had to come to grips with a drug rehab facility that was located on 79th. It seems other parts of our metro area are dealing with the same issues and they aren't happy. If the issue isn't over crime or loitering, it could also be any perception of any drop of real estate values.

Most of us want addicts to become recovering addicts, but what are you throughts on a drug rehab facility in your community?

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  1. To Kristen McQueary:The barn is open and the horse is long gone. I can't believe that you are telling us that opioid rehab centers are the answer to a crisis after the states and large cities of this country have encouraged an industry (cannabis growing and legalization ) designed to prop up sales in our states and cities failing economies. Look for more adicts along the way and don't be surprised if our society can't handle them. Any "mind altering" substance is a danger to the minds of our youth. Vaping stores are springing up in our suburbs and we have recently heard about deaths as a result of this practice. I am just one individual and can't do more than give my opinion, however, could the news media be more pro-active in condemning the use of any drug which leads to the problem we now have at hand. J.B


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