Monday, June 8, 2020

Meet the Dreadheaded Cowboy

With the unrest in downtown Chicago and in the neighborhoods I was all over social media looking for postings (usually fb, ig, and twitter) about the . Thankfully instances of looting, vandalism or violence has tamped down a bit, it does sound like it still goes on in the neighborhoods, however, peaceful demonstrations are still on going throughout the city in the past week.

I do want to talk about the Dreadheaded Cowby - real name Adam Hollingsworth - whom I seen on social media and the videos that were out there usually had a caption "This man stole a horse from the police". Some would point out that they've seen him in the neighborhoods and that police horses are usually uniform in color unlike any videos of this man on his horse which is brown and white. That's not quite a uniform in color horse.

The great thing about social media is that everyone has a platform the bad thing about social media is that everyone has a platform. If you want to know what's going on now, you really do have to vette a social media user's credibility and I do think that's hard.

The alleged theft was a joke by Hollingsworth in the heat of a moment. Unfortunately some people took that comment and ran with it and sadly tagged his car with spray paint urging him to return the horse. He spoke to Block Club Chi about that night and about the vandalism of his vehicle:
But people have snapped videos of Hollingsworth riding at protests in Chicago and posted them on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, claiming he stole Bella from a mounted police officer. One Twitter post, which read “Breaking: Protester stole a horse from police,” was retweeted more than 8,000 times and watched more than 1 million times.

The video, shot by an unknown person, shows Dreadheadcowboy galloping on his spotted horse, Bella, Downtown during the protest.

People have threatened Hollingsworth and someone even egged and spray painted his car, writing, “Return the Horse Bitch.” Hollingsworth lives in suburban Crete but his car was parked at his sister’s house in Englewood, and she first noticed the damage Tuesday morning.

“I’ve been getting people inboxing me, telling me to return the horse and don’t come to Chicago,” Hollingsworth said Tuesday. “I want to let people know that I’m out here to bring the positive back to the community, and they’re making it even harder than what it is.”

People even edited a video Hollingsworth recorded to spread the fake news. He was recording a lengthy Facebook Live of his ride during one protest when other people at the event joked he stole the horse. He joked back, “I stole it from the police,” and he laughed.

But someone edited the more than 29-minute live video into a 32-second snippet, proclaiming again Hollingsworth stole the police horse, and shared the truncated video on a different social networking site.

It was reshared by people, including a comedian, on Facebook. People accused Hollingsworth of theft, demanding he return the horse as others tried to correct the misinformation, sharing news articles about him.
Via Block Club Chi

With this said on social media there were people out there trying to make the record straight noting that they've seen Hollingsworth in the neighborhood. There are pics of him on ig in the neighborhood. In fact last month he was seen riding around on 87th street. There are videos of him in Englewood with kids seemingly enjoying the site of a horse.

As Hollingsworth stated himself he's riding around bringing positivity back to the community. He wants to bring horseback riding to city children. I hope he does, he's already a hit judging by how many people know of him.

Here's some video about this man that many of us probably seen on social media. I can't say it's him exactly. Perhaps some of you might be able to identify him by his voice. [VIDEO]

Here's a shot of him at 87th Street last month from ig
Here's hoping Mr Halloway keeps galloping with positivity and further more here's hoping he no longer jokes about stealing police hores.

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