Wednesday, April 14, 2021

CapFax on a bill regardaring the Chicago school board

The issue of an elected school board has been debated for many years. On this blog years ago I was supportive of possibly a hybrid board of education partially appointed by the mayor and elected by the people. There's a bill in Springfield that calls for a hybrid board while there is also a proposal for a fully-elected Chicago Board of Education.

Rich Miller has more on his blog.

Also noted in that post is a reply by the twitter account for the Chicago Teachers Union.
Well I wrote a comment to that CapFax post calling this cynical if Mayor Lightfoot actually did state that she supported an elected school board if it helped her get elected. Well in the above video she didn't entirely say that, but especially noted the rift between the teachers and parents.

Now she went from a fully elected school board to a hybrid and I think it's safe to say there are some who view this as a flip-flop. And more so if it's very true that she supported an fully elected school board only to secure Chicago's mayorality.


  1. In 1983, Mr. Washington promised an elected school board, but it never happened. ☹️

    Did I believe Ms. Lightfoot? Nope! 😐

    1. Before 1995, I'm trying to figure out the arrangment of the school board. If they weren't elected then who determined who sat on the board for CPS. I remember one member of the board before 1995 who went down on charges presumbly financial related and connected with her role as a member of the board.

    2. Chicago Mayors have always appointed school boards. CPS was never a democracy.

      D. Sharon Grant had the financial scandals.

    3. Very interesting. I wonder about the arguments for an elected school board. I do support a hybrid, but do recognize that it's just more people voters have to consider in an election. You might be right about not much being done when electoral politics is thrown in the mix directly.


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