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14 years later, murder victim Ryan Harris, 11, still remembered - Chicago Sun-Times

Ryan Harris photo via Chicago Sun-Times
 14 years later, murder victim Ryan Harris, 11, still remembered - Chicago Sun-Times

Still a sore wound and this young victim is still not forgotten. In fact on two occasion we share articles that mentioned her name one asking about a mural in Harris' honor and another about a crackdown on vacant lots. Here's a piece of the story from the past weekend:
The balloons that swirled up into the blue sky on Saturday were a familiar sight for Englewood residents. This year marks the 14th time friends and family of 11-year-old murder victim Ryan Harris have met at her namesake park to remember a life cut short.

On July 28, 1998, the lifeless girl was found battered and sexually assaulted in an isolated Englewood backyard a day after she’d been reported missing. The grisly murder made national headlines when two boys — ages 7 and 8 — were charged with the crime, then later cleared.

DNA evidence later linked Floyd Durr, of the South Side, to the crime and he eventually pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison.

For Sabrina Harris, the girl’s mother, the details are still fresh.

But the anniversary of the event is about more than Ryan’s life, she said. It’s about the grief communities are consumed with from ongoing street violence. With family and friends clad in T-shirts featuring Ryan’s photo, Sabrina Ryan took the microphone to thank the crowd for coming out to remember her daughter. But tears welled: “I’m so overwhelmed with a lot of the shootings that are happening in our community. And all these deaths, they need to stop,” she said.
Read the rest!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Guns and Race: A Frank Conversation

Location: 210 W 87th St, Chicago, IL 60620, USA

This upcoming Wednesday and Thursday, ICE Theaters will host their monthly presentation of Black World Cinema. But unlike most of their other presentations, this month's will stir a bit of controversy. The film "Negros with Guns: Rob Williams and Black Power" will be the monthly presentation. The trailer reads
Negros With Guns tells the dramatic story of the often-forgotten civil rights leader who urged African Americans to arm themselves against violent racists. In doing so, Williams not only challenged the Klan-dominated establishment of his hometown of Monroe, North Carolina, he alienated the mainstream Civil Rights Movement, which advocated peaceful resistance. Robert F. Williams was the forefather of the Black Power movement and broke dramatic new ground by internationalizing the African American struggle. Negroes with Guns is not only an electrifying look at an historically erased leader, but also provides a thought-provoking examination of Black radicalism and resistance and serves as a launching pad for the study of Black liberation philosophies. Insightful interviews with historian Clayborne Carson, biographer Timothy Tyson, Julian Bond, and a first person account by Mabel Williams, Robert’s wife, bring the story to life.
Also, there will be a screening of a follow up documentary "No Guns For Negro's" The trailer reads
The historical record provides compelling evidence that racism underlies gun control laws — and not in any subtle way. Throughout much of American history, gun control was openly stated as a method for keeping blacks and Hispanics “in their place,” and to quiet the racial fears of whites. This film provides a brief summary of this unholy alliance of gun control and racism, and to suggest that gun control laws should be regarded as “suspect ideas,” analogous to the “suspect classifications” theory of discrimination already part of the American legal system.
While the films will be thought provoking, the community forum on Thursday August 2, 2012 afterwards will be insightful and explosive, as a panel moderated by WVON radio's Cliff Kelley will discuss Stand Your Ground, Conceal and Carrry and other gun law issues.
The scheduled Panel Discussants:
Chris Cooper, Candidate for States Attorney
David Lemieux - Retired Chicago Police Detective
Lori Meriweather - single mom and stalking victim
Gimbu Kali, Pres & Shawn Gowder, VP, Chicago Firearms Safety Association
Radie - home invasion survivor

 Chicago Firearms Safety Association
The Illinois State Rifle Association
The Second Amendment Sisters
Effective Firearms Personal Protection Consultants

 This screening and forum was scheduled months ago but with the recent shootings in Colorado, the question has come up if this conversation is approriate at this time. I reached out to the co promoters, Chicagoland Firearms Safety Association for comment but was unable to reach them. Some have argued with the violence that has been seen on the streets here in Chicago that it is an appropriate time.

Ald. Brookins quoted in an article about Chick-fil-A...

In a story by the Tribune linked here about the Chick-fil-A controvery this past week, I missed this quote by 21st Ward Ald. Howard Brookins:
Ald. Howard Brookins Jr. said he likes the restaurant and would welcome it to the 21st Ward. "People's personal beliefs, unless they are way out of bounds, should not go into the decision as to whether a company should come into a particular area," Brookins said.
Brookins had the same idea I did believe it or not!

BTW, Mayor Emanuel indicated that he supported Ald. Moreno's statement on Chick-fil-A in his wish to block their efforts to open on Moreno's 1st Ward thanks to a CEO's statement on gay marriage. He was forced to clarify his statement:
Emanuel press secretary Tarrah Cooper called Friday to clarify the mayor's stance on whether a Logan Square Chick-fil-A location would be vetoed because of the company's views on gay marriage.

"He never said he'd block the restaurant from coming," Cooper said.
"If they meet all the requirements, they're welcome to open a restaurant here."
BTW, one question I neglected to ask in Thursday's post. Would you welcome a Chick-fil-A in a south side neighborhood such as Chatham (for example)?

Crain's: Rep. Jackson at Mayo Clinic for 'depression,' 'gastrointestinal issues'

Now we get more answers on the condition of Congressman Jackson who has been on medical leave from the US House of Representatives for close to two months already.
U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is being treated at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for "depression and gastrointestinal issues."

The clinic released a statement tonight on behalf of Mr. Jackson that read:

"Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. has arrived at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., for extensive inpatient evaluation for depression and gastrointestinal issues. Further information will be released as Congressman Jackson's evaluation proceeds. Congressman Jackson and his family are grateful for the outpouring of support and prayers that have been received throughout his care."

The news comes a few weeks after Mr. Jackson's office said the congressman was being treated for "a mood disorder."
BTW, Chicago Argus gets into this act as well. He talked to Jackson's Republican opponent in addition to this paragraph:
Now I don’t mean to demean the seriousness of Jackson’s physical or emotional health. He is in a stressful position, and I’m sure there are times when the hassles are hard to cope with. It just makes me wonder how less stressful this situation could have been for him in recent weeks if his camp had just come forth with some details up front.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Capitol Fax: Howard records subpoenaed after resignation

Rich Miller of the Capitol Fax even has his eye on the resignation of state Rep. Constance Howard and the federal subpena over her scholarships and for a state House committee she chaired. He also took aim at the Chicago Tribune who sought to connect her sudden resignation with federal authorities interest in her records.

You can read more about this story here!

Renowned psychiatrist’s South Side mental health center to close - Chicago Sun-Times

Right now the debate is over pensions but earlier in the year the controvery over state finances were over funds for social service providers throughout the state. That controversy has claimed a local victim:
Community Mental Health Council, Inc., the iconic South Side institution run by nationally recognized psychiatrist and violence behavior expert Dr. Carl C. Bell, will shut its doors Tuesday because the state did not renew its contract.

The Illinois Dept. of Human Services says its because the agency is fiscally mismanaged.

“Over the past several years, DHS... has advanced millions of dollars to CMHC in an effort to ensure continuity of care for consumers and to give the company an opportunity to improve its fiscal situation,” DHS spokeswoman Januari Smith Trader said. “CMHC...continues to experience serious fiscal mismanagement and eventual insolvency.”

Community leaders lament the loss of the pioneering, culturally sensitive, mental health resources CMHC and Bell have provided in the inner city since 1975.

“It’s tragic,” U.S. Rep. Danny Davis (D-Ill.) said. “I don’t think there’s any doubt in the minds of those who understand mental health that Dr. Carl Bell stands almost alone in terms of not just his understanding, but vast areas of outreach. He has been the promoter of approaches and programs being used today by many others in the field.” A part-time professor of clinical psychology and public health at the University of Illinois Chicago, Bell was appointed by several White House administrations to such panels as the National Institute of Mental Health and National Academy of Sciences.

While admitting his agency’s fiscal troubles, he blames them on the state’s own woes.

“Our difficulties began two years ago, when the state began slow paying. It caused all kinds of ramifications,” Bell said. “We lost seven psychiatrists over that period, and therapists and case managers. I had to step down from my national policy influencing advocacy role, and get back to the front lines, which is why I have 1,000 patients.
 Here's more about this agency:
Bell and his groundbreaking work on the effects of race, culture and ethnicity on behavioral healthcare issues, such as Black-on-Black violence, have been featured everywhere from “60 Minutes” and “Nightline” to the New York Times and People magazine.

At its peak, CMHC boasted a $20 million budget, 400-plus staff, 26,000 patients and 100 residential beds. Today, patients still show up, but find a mostly empty building.
Read the rest! Official website is here! This institution is located at 8704 S. Constance.

Friday, July 27, 2012

CBS Chicago: CTA Going All Out To Ensure South Side Residents Get Work On Red Line Rebuild

Here's another article on efforts to help south siders affected by the scheduled closure of Red Line South next year get some of those jobs that will come out of it:
The Chicago Transit Authority is taking extraordinary steps to make sure that South Side residents have a good shot at the jobs to be created the Red Line’s tracks are rebuilt through that area.

As WBBM Newsradio Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports, Andrea Zopp, president and chief executive officer of the Chicago Urban League, says her group is reaching out to make sure South Siders are in line to the 400 bus driver jobs, 100 traffic aide positions, and the contracts resulting from the Red Line Track Renewal.

“We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to work closely with the CTA, who is really concerned as we are about ensuring that these investments that get made in our community also get shared with our community,” Zopp said. 
Read the rest!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Clout St: Feds widen probe into newly retired South Side lawmaker

Looks like more trouble for recently retired state Rep. Constance Howard. JP had posted about her sudden retirement and the cloud surrounding it on Tuesday:
Federal authorities are widening their probe of a newly retired South Side lawmaker with a fresh subpoena seeking records of a scholarship named in her honor and of an Illinois House committee she once chaired.

Democratic Rep. Constance Howard sent in a resignation letter dated July 6. The new subpoena, dated July 18, requested records to or from the “Constance A. ‘Connie’ Howard Technology Scholarship Fund,” including grants or disbursements awarded to that fund.

Prosecutors also called for “notes, minutes of meetings, transcripts of meetings or reports issued by the Computer Technology Committee” for the years 2000 through 2007, which includes a period when Howard chaired the panel.

A person who answered the telephone number for Howard’s house Thursday evening said she was not available and took a message. Howard announced last year that she would not seek re-election. Chicago Democratic leaders will get to pick her replacement following her retirement.

The scholarship and committee records are requested for a federal grand jury hearing Aug. 7.
Read more at the Tribune!

The Torch of Decency is now available at Whitney Young Library

Picture from Cole's Role Model Movement website
Jahmal Cole's book about Chatham The Torch of Decency, Rekindling the Spirit of Civic Organizations is now available at the Chicago Public Library's Whitney Young Branch located at the intersection of 79th & King Drive. On Cole's website - http://rolemodelmovement.com/ - he was kind enough to provide a link to search for that book.

What are your thoughts on the Chick-fil-A story?

It's been in the news, in the 1st Ward Ald. Joe Moreno wants to block permits for a Chick-fil-A restaurant from opening in his ward. The main reason is because of a statement by their CEO with regards to gay marriage.

YoChicago commented on this story on whether or not Ald. Moreno was wrong to deny this permit because a CEO exercises his 1st Amendment right. Even going to a law blog - The Volokh Conspiracy - for clarification. If Chick-fil-A wants to pursue a lawsuit, case precedent could help their case.

The controversy was featured on last nights edition of Politics Tonight on CLTV. There was poll that at the end of the night was supportive of Chick-fil-A expanding to Chicago's 1st Ward and certainly against Ald. Moreno's effort to block their expansion using "Aldermanic privilege" on permits.

Mary Mitchell even gets into this fight saying that the government shouldn't attack a business because of the views of their owners or management.
For instance, Ald. Proco “Joe” Moreno’s threat to stop Chick-fil-A from opening a fast-food restaurant in his ward is not only ridiculous; it’s dangerous.

In a body as corrupt as the Chicago City Council has proven to be, we don’t need to give aldermen another excuse to open a bag of tricks.
You know, this causes me to want Chick-fil-A to open a shop down this way. I wonder what many of you think of any statement made by the CEO of that restaurant chain? Do you agree with his statement? Do you think any Alderman has the right to block a business from opening due to the views or political activities of the ownership or management?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rep. Connie Howard suddenly retires before her term expires

Democratic Rep. Connie Howard stepped down from the Illinois House effective July 9. She cited "personal reasons" in a July 6 letter she sent to House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago.

Howard, 69, who had held office since 1995, announced last year that she would not seek re-election.

The resignation came less than two weeks before authorities arrested seven people after an FBI sting in which they paid kickbacks in the hope of securing thousands of dollars in federal grants, according to federal charges. Howard could not be reached for comment Monday or Tuesday.

In recent years, prosecutors have issued multiple subpoenas centered on grants issued by several South Side and West Side lawmakers.

Two subpoenas issued in 2009 requested documents from the state relating to grants received by the Let's Talk, Let's Test Foundation, a now-defunct AIDS awareness group co-founded by Howard, who also served as the organization's board chairwoman.

The subpoenas went to the Illinois Department of Public Health, which had given the group a $1.2 million grant in 2007, and the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, which gave the foundation a separate $500,000 grant in 2007.
Read the whole thing!

50 ward, 50 weekdays: 21st Ward's turn...

Some good stuff out of the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood of the 21st Ward with Tracey Love Jones. Including mention of the Wal-Mart that I'm sure many people has visited since they opened last year:

“My neighborhood is going through changes,” she begins. “There’s some good changes and some bad.”

Let’s start with the good.

“We just received the new Wal-Mart, which is nice,” she says. “[I] go to the Wal-Mart and the other little shops over there.  [It’s] really nice to have something like that in our neighborhood instead of always having to travel to the suburbs or something like that to go to stores.”

Another good: Nearby Simeon High School, an “awesome school,” she says. Love Jones didn’t go there. She went to Catholic schools and grew up in the South Side’s Pullman area. But she’s clearly invested in Auburn Gresham.

“I don’t like the violence,” she says. “There’s a lot of gang violence, yes, and there’s a lot of stealing.”

“I’ve never been a victim of crime. You know, I have a pit bull, so my pit bull takes good care of me and I think that’s what makes me feel safe in this neighborhood. If I didn’t have my dog, I don’t know how I would quite feel about it.”

That pit bull, by the way, is reason #2 not to mess with Love Jones. So is that the answer to ending crime around Chicago? Pit bulls for everyone?

“I don’t think so, because I think you have to be responsible, you know?” she says. “I’m not having my dog fight. I’m not going to have my dog breeding so I can make extra money and all those negative things associated with dogs.”

But, if people take care of their pit pulls, get licenses and vaccines and such, “I think it’s better than getting a gun,” she says.
 It looks like there's one more ward left in WBEZ's 50 wards series! Click here to see them!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Walmart Express in West Chatham to close

Here's the Tribune story.

Walmart Express in West Chatham to close

The Walmart Express in West Chatham will close July 27, the Bentonville, Ark-based company announced Friday.
The West Chatham Walmart Express employed 24 Walmart associates who have been offered jobs in the company, with most "walking across the parking lot" to work at the Supercenter, according to spokesman Steven Restivo.

Walmart's vision was to have the two stores complement each other, Restivo said, but increasingly customers were shopping at the Supercenter. "Customers appreciate having the one-stop shop environment at the SuperCenter," he said. "Over time we found that their unusually close proximity resulted in customers making a clear choice."
Read the whole thing!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cops search for boy, 5, who went missing from South Side (Chatham)

Cops search for boy, 5, who went missing from South Side

Here's the story from Chicago Breaking News:

Aikese "Man-Man" Jordan

By Deanese Williams-Harris
Tribune reporter
9:01 p.m. CDT, July 19, 2012

Police are searching tonight for a 5-year-old boy who went missing today from his South Side home in the city's Chatham neighborhood.

Aikese "Man-Man" Jordan was last seen leaving from the rear door of his home on the 8100 block of South Langley Avenue, police said.

He was last seen wearing a white tank top and black and gray checkered shorts.

Aikese is described as a black boy with a dark brown complexion. He has black hair and brown eyes and is 4 feet 11 inches tall and weighs about 50 pounds, police said.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts should contact police at 312-747-8274.

Twitter: @ChicagoBreaking

We hope he is found safe and soon.

UPDATE: The Tribune reported at 9:01 pm: The boy was found and is in good health, police said.

Alderman Sawyer Calls For An Elected School Board

Location: 463 E 83rd St, Chicago, IL 60619, USA
The office of Roderick Sawyer issued this statement today
Alderman Sawyer School Bd Resolution

Summer festivals in the Chatham area

Sorry for some repeats, but some upcoming Summer Festivals here in our neighborhood. Let us know if there are more, and we can update this!

Carter Temple "Make Some Noise" Rally and Chatham Gospel Idol

 Saturday, July 21st, 10:00am to 4:00pm
7841 S. Wabash Avenue
  • Free Food
  • Free Book Bags and Supplies
  • Health Screenings
  • Live Music and Praise Singers
  • Liturgical Dancers
  • Mimes* Games * Face Painting * Pony Rides
  • Performances by Finalists of “Chatham Gospel Idol Contest”
  • Winner will be announced

Taste of WVON

July 21, 2012
Lorraine Dixon Park
87th and Dauphin


Kids Fest

July 28, 2012

Seaway Bank & Trust
645 E. 87th


From Everyblock.com
Please join Good Hope MBC on 71 and Union on Saturday (July 28) from 11 -2 as we gather and clean up our neighborhood. Hotdogs and Snowcones will be for sale and we'll have a great time making our community more clean and attractive. We hope to see you there. Good Hope MBC 7101 S. Union 773 488 4900

Cook out in the park

August 4 2012
Tuley Park
Sponsored by the 6th Ward Democratic Organization
and Alderman Rod Sawyer


God on the Block

August 11 10-5pm
Greater Institutional AME Church
God on the Block
78th and Indiana

Function at the Junction

Neill School Neighborhood Reunion
Friday-Saturday, August 10-11
8555 S. Michigan Avenue

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

50 Wards, 50 Weekdays: The 8th Ward...

Via The Chicago Neighborhoods!

Cederick Green's complaint about living in Marynook in the 8th Ward are the trees. It makes sense when you think about it:
“I love trees – don’t get me wrong. I just don’t like how many we have, and then when we have these major storms they become a big issue.”

“I think it was last year, we had the entire block was kind [of] confined to their houses ‘cause the entire street from one end to the other was completely covered in trees. We had somebody’s car get hit by a tree and crushed.”

It is a lucky man whose sole complaint about his neighborhood is too much greenery. But Grier’s point is this: many of the trees are in the parkway, so the city should be a step ahead of the weak ones.

“Make sure they’re manicured correctly and taken well care of," he advises.
Find more citizens comments from the 50 wards of Chicago go here!

CTA: Red Line project will mean at least 400 new bus driver jobs - Chicago Sun-Times

Photo by ctabusphotographer - flickr
CTA: Red Line project will mean at least 400 new bus driver jobs - Chicago Sun-Times

Well you guys should already know about that because we posted about that recently.
The CTA will hire at least 400 part-time bus drivers to operate shuttles during next year’s South Side Red Line reconstruction.

The agency will host three job fairs to identify candidates for the jobs and will announce further details at a press conference later Wednesday.

Once hired, the bus drivers will remain a part of the CTA workforce even after the project ends, the agency said.
It's tough out there, get the opportunities when they come! The proposed shuttle bus routes are to the right!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ward Room: New Chicago Cultural Plan Up For Resident Review

Piece above made by a student artist at Harlan
My main question about this cultural plan is what this means for the neighborhoods. Still I do favor the arts education component to this plan. Hopefully they come to Harlan High School and look at their contributions to arts education with their art fairs!
Chicago arts and culture is a top priority in a new cultural plan released Monday by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events.

The proposed plan, only the second revision since the document’s 1986 origin, identifies 10 priorities for “Chicago to realize its potential as a cultural leader.” The ideas include increasing arts and art education, honoring Chicago culture and increasing cultural activity citywide, revising city policies and regulations to optimize creative initiatives, and making Chicago a global city.

Along with the priorities, the plan includes 36 recommendations for implementation strategies such as creating a comprehensive system to accommodate space needs for artists and creative professionals.

It also aims to examine and expand cultural funding sources, develop further arts education in public schools, link neighborhoods, celebrate community culture, promote Chicago’s global capacity and design a pro-art government.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tribune: Metra approves controversial Englewood flyover contract

The controversy was over jobs for local residents in this $141 million project:
Metra's board of directors today approved a $93 million contract for construction of a railroad bridge on the south side that three congressmen had threatened to block because they said it would not provide enough jobs to African Americans in the economically depressed neighborhood.

The approval came after Metra chairman Larry Huggins said a deal had been worked out between the congressmen, led by Bobby Rush, to guarantee jobs for residents of the Englewood community.

Rush in May had threatened to stop the project unless there were more jobs for the community.

Details of the agreement were not immediately disclosed.
The contract was awarded to the low bidder, IHC Construction and Illinois Constructors Joint Venture.

Huggins said he was told the contractor has agreed to increase minority and disadvantaged business (DBE) participation in the contract from 25 percent to about 40 percent.

Twenty-five percent DBE participation is the amount required by law

Sunday, July 15, 2012

This Week's Important Events In the 6th Ward

There is a lot going on this week in the ward. There are important events where important information will be disseminated and some fun events for both children and adults. Some of you state you never see Alderman  Sawyer, so here is your chance to support your community and speak to the Alderman about your concerns.

July 17, 2012
6:30 pm
Chesterfield Community Council Meeting with CHA Section 8
Tuley Park
90th King Drive

July 17, 2012
Bi-Monthly Meeting
Kelly Library
 6151 S. Normal Blvd

July 18, 2012
City of Chicago Resource Fair
Grand Crossing Park
7655 S Ingleside

 July 18 2012
Hyde Park Township Tax Appeal Forum
South Shore High School
1955 E 75th St

July 20, 2012
8 pm
Capt. America
Myering Park
7140 S King Drive
Free (Refreshments will be available for sale
Park District Security will be present

July 21, 2012
Monthly Meeting
St. James Lutheran Church
8001 S. Michigan

July 21, 2012
Taste of WVON
Lorraine Dixon Park
87th Dauphin

The following events are on-going through the end of July

July 10,17,24,30
Dusk(6:30 pm)
Movies on the Grazz
Chicago State University
9501 S King Drive
July 11,18,25
5:00 pm
Jazz on the Grazz
Chicago State University
9501 S King Drive

July 11,18,25 
10:30 am 
Kids Rule Movie Day 
ICE Chatham 14 Theater 
210 W. 87th Street
$2.50 (FREE Bag of Popcorn) 
July 7,14,21,28 
8:00 am 
ICE Chatham 14 Theater 
210 W. 87th Street 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

50 Ward, 50 Weekdays: The 9th ward's turn...

We showed you the sixth ward's entry in this series by Chicago Public Radio, now we look at the 9th ward's entry. Although in this entry published just yesterday we take a look at Pullman because that's where this particular resident - Carolyn Lewis - lives:
“Basically, it’s an old established neighborhood,” she says. “The guy who built the Pullman railroad [cars], he built the neighborhood up.”

Pullman was a factory town, the late 19th Century vision of George Pullman. It has city, state and national landmark status. There are tourists walking around with neighborhood maps, and U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., wants to make it part of the National Park Service....
“It’s a beautiful neighborhood. And I think they keep it up very well. It’s not as kept up as it used to be, but I think they trying to get back to that. Because when I first came over here, it was gorgeous. Especially the park,” she says. “The park was beautiful.”
She likes the area, but talks about it as an outsider. Lewis uses “they” to describe residents who’ve been there a long time. For example, when she talks about how the neighborhood has hardly any restaurants or businesses nearby:

“I think that’s another reason why the neighborhood’s not growing like they thought the neighborhood was going to grow. See, [because], they thought this was going to be another Oak Park or Hyde Park, I think.”

Friday, July 13, 2012

Park Manor building amongst 12 razed in anti-gang fight

View more videos at: http://nbcchicago.com.

[VIDEO] This video largely documents the razing of a building and a press conference at 7101 S. Rhodes Avenue. Part of a larger event yesterday where 12 buildings on the south and west sides were demolished in a greater effort:
Access to those buildings creates a prime breeding ground for crime, say neighborhood leaders.

"So naturally what happens is it becomes a haven, a haven for the gangs, for the drugs, for the homeless, for the prostitution," said Darlene Tribue, neighborhood leader. "And at a certain point, it overwhelms the neighborhood."

Eliminating those havens is the goal of an initiative announced earlier this week by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Supt. Garry McCarthy as part of their anti-gang strategy.
"These vacant buildings are where gang bangers are hanging out, and drug dealers are hanging out, and they’re operating in those buildings,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Monday.
The initial strategy targets several West and South side police districts around Chicago, and works in conjunction with the city’s recent crackdown on liquor stores and convenience stores that have been used by gangs as hangouts and centers for illegal activity.

The city is allocating $4 million to the Department of Buildings for the initiative.
Well Ald. Roderick Sawyer was seen in the background but wasn't shown speaking in the video provided by NBC5. Video was posted to the 6th Ward Chicago FB page.

ONCE AGAIN, The Sixth Ward is not at all associated with Ald. Roderick Sawyer or the 6th Ward Chicago FB page created by his office.

Speaking of the Red Line South project...

There is a need at least for more bus drivers to operate the various shuttle bus routes in addition to other opportunities below forwarded from the Greater Chatham Alliance

CTA Red Line South Job Opportunities

Construction Job Opportunities––Check it OUT NOW!

CTA will work with the selected Red Line South general contractor and its subcontractors to hire trades people and apprentices in carpentry, electrical, ironwork, laborers, operators, plumbers and other areas.

In addition to the DBE goal, CTA will work with the general contractor to hire Disadvantaged Workers.

Individuals must qualify via guidelines under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) as "Disadvantaged Workers," which typically includes, but is not limited to:

1. Those who meet income specific guidelines

2. Who've been laid-off, terminated or self-employed

Interested individuals will be encouraged to visit a one-stop WIA Workforce Center.

Individuals who qualify will be screened and trained, if needed, by Dawson Technical Institute, a division of Kennedy-King College.

Following their training, potential apprentices will be eligible to be hired by the contractor on the project.

For more information about the Disadvantaged Worker Program or your eligibility, please visit the:

Mid-South Workforce Center (MSWC)
4314 S. Cottage Grove, Chicago, Illinois
Contact MSWC at 773.538.5627 TTY: 773-538-8260.

New CTA Bus Driver Positions

As part of CTA's operations' needs, 150-200 new bus operator positions will be created to help serve our customers' needs during the five-month construction period, specifically to operate bus shuttles.

These jobs are permanent and will replace positions that become available over time, even after the construction project is over.

It's a great time to join the CTA team! For more information about these and other employment opportunities at CTA.

Click the link below. Follow the directions on their Careers page to see job postings.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another Red Line South meeting on Saturday

A notice from the CTA's official website:
  • Saturday, July 14, 2012 
    National Teachers’ Academy
    55 W. Cermak Road
    Chicago, IL
    10 a.m. until noon
CTA Tattler had a brief write-up noting this Satuday morning meeting:
The CTA will host the third in a series of public meetings about the Red Line South Track Renewal Project from 10 am to noon on Saturday at the National Teachers' Academy, 55 W. Cermak Rd.

CTA officials will explain the work, answer questions and receive feedback from customers who will be impacted by the project, set to begin in May 2013. The CTA will shut down the Red Line from Cermak/Chinatown to 95th/Dan Ryan for five months to totally rebuild the tracks.
Feel free to send us your thoughts or any reports from this meeting write on our FB page wall, send an e-mail to blog @ thesixthward . us, or send us a tweet (@thesixthward)!

When the project finally starts next year it would be nice if we had such a website - such as http://ctastationwatch.com/ - to keep track of the progress of this project!

PHOTO: 87th & Cottage Grove 1960

This is how Chatham Village Square used to look over 50 years ago. It had been redeveloped within the last decade where Walgreen's is no longer on this corner but down the street near 86th Street. Of course, this two story building was even ahead of my time.

The Walgreen's I remember from the past was only one story. No one seems certainly what happened to this second story here. They did note a fire here at this shopping center at least in the late 90s before the redevelopment that now includes a military recruiting center, Chase Bank, Target, Nike Outlet, & Game Stop to name a few shops.

I found this photo via the group Children of Chatham. Also here's another vintage pic of Chatham Village Square posted on this blog a year ago.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Save The Date: 6th Ward Picnic

Location: 9031-9099 S Dr Martin Luther King Jr Dr, Chicago, IL 60619, USA

Come join the Sixth Ward Democratic Organization and Sixth Ward Alderman/Democratic Committeeman Roderick T. Sawyer for a fun-filled afternoon of food, fun, and games as they host its annual “Picnic in the Park” on Saturday, August 4 at Tuley Park located at 90th and King Dr. from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Bring your food and barbecue grills while Team Sawyer provides the entertainment and music featuring local guest DJs throughout the day! For more information, call (773) 635-0006 or (773) 516-1871.

Tribune: Rep. Jackson under treatment for mood disorder, staff says

For those who are concerned it seems finally have some answers today!
Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., whose mysterious month-long leave of absence has prompted calls for more disclosure, is at a residential treatment facility for a mood disorder, his doctor said in a statement released by the congressman's chief of staff this evening.

The statement said information about Jackson’s treatment is protected by federal law and that the attending physician’s name and treatment center “will not be disclosed in order to protect (Jackson’s) continuing privacy.”

Earlier, an NBC report said that Jackson was being treated in Arizona for alcoholism, but after the report aired, Rick Bryant, Jackson’s chief of staff, released an email statement saying that “rumors about him being treated for alcohol or substance abuse are not true.”

The statement quoted the unnamed Jackson doctor saying: "The congressman is receiving intensive medical treatment at a residential treatment facility for a mood disorder. He is responding positively to treatment."

Earlier today, Ald. Sandi Jackson, said she is hopeful physicians will release details soon about her husband.

“I’m hopeful that my husband’s doctors will be able to release something soon,” she told the Tribune. “I’m in constant talks with them about Jesse’s condition and his medical prognosis going forward.”

Rep. Jesse Jackson, 47, a Chicago Democrat, has been on a medical leave since June 10, but his aides and family have declined to disclose the nature of his medical problem, where he is being treated or when he may return to work.