Friday, January 8, 2010

The Bridge to Nowhere- Who proposed this bridge?

In a recent post by Choose Chatham which is a Facebook page by the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce they posted a video clip of alleged managers of Walmart helping out at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. While it was commendable it doesn't show a high level of community commitment by donating what would account for a couple hours sales to the charity. The Honorable Alderman Howard Brookins took exception to my comments and stated that no other businesses were doing anything and the Chamber had every right to meddle into community business because the residents of the 21st Ward did not have a chance to voice their opinion on Target.

My response to the Alderman was it sounded like Walmart had tattooed their logo on his behind and that several businesses in his ward, who also happen to be African American owned, always give. Those businesses being Reggio's Pizza and Midway Wholesale. Also, I stated that Target original location was to be on the site of Home Depot but because of back door dealing they were outbid by Home Depot. Lastly, I reminded Alderman Brookins that Target didn't ask for a bridge.

This leads us to this point where the Alderman wants to say that Target never was interested in being in the 21st Ward. Secondly, the bridge proposal was initiated by Alderman Lyle's traffic study request and not by him or Walmart.

I haven't responded back but I have a hard time buying into his version of the story. He recently told us that Whole Foods didn't want to come because of lack of academic achievment by the residents of our community, which was found to be not true. He also told us that Costco had no desire to expand within the city limits which again has found to be not true. He also has failed to mention that he has another development"The Legacy Project" adjacent to Walmart that would bring an additional 2500-3000 cars into the community on the weekends along with 2500 to 3000 that Walmart would bring.

So who is behind the bridge proposal and who is it really for?

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