Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can we get a REAL race in the 1st Congressional District?

I wrote this earlier, but wanted to give our candidates a chance to show their campaigning skills, and not be biased in this race.

However, I am very disappointed at the lack of a real contest for the 1st Congressional District primary race (which, in our part of town, unfortunately determines the "official" winner for the fall election). Here's what the results showed as reported by the Chicago Sun Times:

Rush , Bobby (i) = Dem = 68,229 = 80%
Guillemette , JoAnne = Dem = 7,992 = 9%
Smith , Fred = Dem = 5,174 = 6%
Bailey , Harold = Dem = 4,207 = 5%

The opponents combined couldn't even muster enough votes to match just a third (1/3) of Bobby Rush's votes!

It's fine if many people think Bobby Rush is good for the district. But there was no debate. Rep. Rush didn't even have a real campaign site, and neither did JoAnne Guillemette! All she had was a pretty picture with just 3 words!

Jeff Adams of the Green party will be a choice this fall...but unfortunately, i don't expect many people to seriously consider anyone other than a Democrat.

Looking at the Illinois Election website, look up Bobby Rush, and you will note that he has raised less than $10,000 during most election years! Now, if a credible candidate showed some real possibility of winning the Democratic primary, that amount would go up quite a bit. (When Barack Obama ran against him in 2000, Rush did raise about $35,000)

So if you are looking for some change in politicians (or at least for those running in the next 1 -2 years), it's time to START NOW for 2012. If you could find 25 people who would each raise $1000 each within the next 2 years, you might find yourself as a political leader of our community.


  1. When you posted this last week you had a couple of tweets for this story

    bsleet @TheSixthWard not likely, at least as long as its seen as the height of insult to run against another politician

    kathychaney intrstng obsrv & not just 4 this dist. RT @TheSixthWard Can we get a REAL race in the 1st Congressional Distirct? http://bit.ly/9sSzzj

  2. I saw a few signs for Bobby, that was about it. He didn't look that hot with Quinn and White election evening.


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