Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CAPCC blog with more ideas

Well let them do the talking:
How about putting up some specialty food stores that have a dedicated Internet cafe serving gourmet coffee up and down 79Th Street in Chatham to go along with the comedy clubs?
It seems like they're on the right track right now. There is a need for revitalization on 75th Street. I mean serious revitalization.

Comedy clubs, specialty food stores or internet cafes couldn't hurt.

Of course if we were to have specialty food stores what could be sold there that might interest anyone in the community? What could be sold there that might interest anyone outside the community? What could be offered that can have anyone spend money in the community? Can the community benefit from this?

BTW, if we're talking internet cafes, what about the Starbuck's? They're not an internet cafe, but they can operate a WiFi network of course that means that people will have to bring their own laptops than are WiFi capable.

Perhaps there is a need for a post discussing revitalization of 79th Street in the near future.

You can also read this post on comedy clubs.


  1. Personally, I 'm tired of hearing this one. I have heard of potential prosposals on ths since 2003 and when its time to put up none of these people put up.

    Mr. Hall of CHL properties wanted someone to place one in his building because it already wired and several people came forth who i will not name and haven't done anything and frankly I don't think they will.

    Both Starbucks and Carribou coffee have shown interest and both sites became unavailable for crazy reasons.

  2. What do you think is the hold up? There's got to be a reason why there no movement on 79th Street.

  3. Well with those induviduals it was nothing but talk. Overall, the lighting situation along 79th is a major drawback. Its dark at night and doesn't give you a safe feeling. Once that situation is rectified along with some serious marketing 79th will look different.


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