Sunday, April 4, 2010

I think someone wrote this comment about the proposed hotel in the wrong post

I was recently notified of this comment in moderation. They posted this in another post with regards to the responsiveness of city alderman instead of the post about the proposed hotel near 76th and State:
Can anyone attending that meeting honestly say they felt comfortable with the answers (or lack of) the two of them were expressing? They both have shady business backgrounds and one is a convicted felon. Do you honestly think they have this community's best interest at heart Mr. President of CAPCC???
That comment was too golden not to post although unfortunately I don't know why this wasn't posted in the hotel posts. Especially the video recap produced by Zack Isaacs.

You know I just want to remind everyone of our moderating policy and the tutorial on posting with a nickname. We would prefer there NOT be any anonymous comments here, although we won't delete them as long as they're in the proper posts. In addition, before you comment please be sure you're commenting in the appropriate post that addresses the issue you want to speak on!

Other than that any more comments on the CAPCC and this proposed hotel? You can talk about that here!


  1. Tiss Tiss CAPCC. I attended the PMNCC meeting this evening and the members were livid. They are vowing to contest this motel. They were not invited and neither were the nearby churches, Friendly Temple and Carter Temple. The membership felt CAPCC slapped them in the face by not notifying the organization about the meeting and then exaggerating the support for the motel. Based on what we have recieved on the blogs there is no support. Also, The president Darlene Tribue stated that the developer has floated this idea for the last 20 years and hasn't built because the residents nearby do not want a otel nearby. Also, it was stated that the president of CAPCC actually lives in Park Manor and not Chatham per city maps.

  2. This is not my comment but its a classic. This is a quote from the CAPCC blog.
    "che'menju said...
    Why is there a need for more meetings? Please explain the CAPCC process for businesses coming into the community.

    The meeting was held Wednesday, March 31, 2010, Northern Trust Bank. My neighbors said the room was packed wall to wall standing room only. They made it very clear that they did not want a hotel built on that site.

    The two gentlemen who want to build the hotel are Herbert Hedgeman and Herman Roberts. Herbert Hedgeman owns Barbar Ann's Hotel and Bar b que joint on Cottage Grove and Sportsman Inn on 45th Cicero. Barbara Ann is a dump and Sportsman Inn isn't too much better. Go check both of them out for yourself. Herbert Hedgeman also owns the lot on 76th Indiana. Herman Roberts owned Roberts motel years ago. I guess he is with this guy for advise and to use his name.

    An internet search on Herbert Hedgeman discloses his involvement in federal court charges related to misuse of federal funds to contractors. The first 3 hits relate to court cases he has been involved in. It also shows his political contributions. Check it out for yourself.

    Both of these individuals are close to 80, if not 80. Keith seems to think that age doesn't matter. But who is going to run this hotel? I suspect as well as others that they already have a buyer. And who could that be?

    Chatham already has a significant amount of crime, especially drug activity. On the corner from the proposed site is a car wash that has coninuous drug activity. The wabash block club has been fighting that car wash for years. The block club on 75th Indiana has problems with the 50 yard line and 79th street is a hot mess! Someone at the meeting stated a large number of people are killed every year at that type of hotel. A hotel will only add to the criminal element or riff raff we already have in Chatham.

    Taxpayers paid $145,000 to settle a lawsuit because of his incompetence.

    He also gave Alderman Lyle $200 for her campaign.
    For someone who is always talking about do their due diligence, why wasn't the this information given to the board and block club presidents upfront. Why didn't we do a tour of his properties? At this point we have serious doubts as to whether the President and Vice President of CAPCC have the community's best interest at heart.

    I could go on and on about the meeting. My phone was blown off the hook about this issue. There will be more....."



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