Tuesday, November 2, 2010

No Endorsement from RHCA

Got an e-mail response from Clevan Tucker of the Roseland Heights association regarding Worlee's statements at Concerned Citizens of Chatham and our Facebook page where he believed that RHCA had effectively endorsed 6th Ward Aldermanic candidate Richard Wooten. It was advertised with a flyer announcing the meeting stapled to a Wooten campaign flyer:
No Endorsement from RHCA

The RHCA meeting Oct. 26, 2010. As you may or may not know Richard Wooten (candidate for 6th Ward Alderman) was the guess speaker, along with appearances from Alderman Lyle and campaign Workers from Rod Sawyer also running for 6th Ward Alderman. *Note: Alderman Lyle , currently serving as elected official, came to speak solely in a capacity other than as a candidate.


6th Ward Facebook posting

It seems that a 6th Ward Blog stated that RHCA might loss their 501c status for endorsement of a political candidate. The blog implied that RHCA was jeopardizing city services, for Roseland Heights, by doing so.

No Endorsement from RHCA

Among many other restrictions, Section 501(c)(3) prohibits tax-exempt non-profits from explicitly or implicitly endorsing or opposing any candidate or political party. This means neither the organization nor someone (that would be officers) in a capacity of representing the organization may do so. RHCA nor any officers have endorsed or made implicit endorsements of any candidates. Nor have we trained volunteers to work on a particular campaigns, accepted financing from campaigns or political parties, sponsored events or allowed our facility to be used for a campaign event.

NO sponsored events for any Candidate

Candidate Wooten appeared at RHCA regular monthly meeting. Just as Alderman Lyle appeared last month! There was a statement in the newsletter saying he would be there and there would have been a statement in last months news letter for Alderman Lyle had we known she was coming! Any flyers (flyer shown in blog was NOT printed by RHCA) or post cards telling members of his appearance were paid for and delivered by Wooten's campaign.

RHCA did not invite candidate Wooten to our meeting. He asked if he could come and was approved for this month's agenda. He found us. Just as any other candidate could have found us and asked! It is reported that there are 7 candidates for 6th Ward Alderman. The only ones we knew of was Sean Washington and Rod Sawyer. That was the only criteria for an appearance at a meeting.

*Note: When Rod Sawyer's "Circulate Petition" worker appeared at RHCA Vice Presisent's door Oct. 23, she was told of Oct. 26 meeting and told to contact us if he would like to come. How's that for impartial treatment of candidates?

This was NOT an endorsment, forum or debate. It was a monthly meeting!

Any and "all legally-qualified candidates" may ask to participate. However, such all-inclusive participation is not an absolute requirement. Under certain circumstances, a 501(c)(3) may exclude particular candidates from a meeting if they fail to meet reasonable, objective criteria established by the 501(c)(3) organization for participation in the event.

This message is not affiliated with RHCA or from a person representing that organization in a capacity there of. ** This is my answer!

Clevan Tucker Jr.
Feel free to get in touch with the blog at anytime thesixthward @ 1chicago.net. Just remember to remove the spaces around the @ before you send your message.

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  1. It is still an endorsement period. You knew he printed those flyers but yet they did not censure him. The organization has been in existence long enough to see when someone is attempting to use you and they went along with it. When other candidates came along they should have apologized to Mr. Wooten and cancelled his appearance and had another meeting where all candidates including Alderman Lyle could participate as a candidate. This was purposely done as a way to endorse this man.

    The officers of this organization should tender resignations for this mess.


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