Wednesday, November 3, 2010

VIDEO: Ald. Howard Brookins talks with Marc Sims

Our neighboring 21st Ward Alderman talks about a variety of issues that I imagine would be very important here in the 6th. Mainly economic development and education. Ald. Brookins advertises the fact that he has the top elementary school in his ward currently at Lenart. In addition to bringing in charter schools to his ward.

Also there is a reference to the Wal-Mart that's coming to 83rd & Stewart in the near future. Groundbreaking is expected in March of next year. I would like to be there.

Alderman Brookins if you read this e-mail us. Well that or we need to call you!

Also he wants to note that his ward hasn't seen a lot of the crime that has been seen in other parts of the city. Although we may want to verify that, I largely only pay attention to crime here in the 6th. That doesn't leave a lot of room for the other wards surrounding our own.

This video is roughly 7 minutes and is right across the street from Woodson Library near 95th & Halsted. That's where his office is currently located well really on that next block from that McDonald's that you see in the vid. Surely Sims caught Brookins during his running around on Election Day as this video was uploaded on Nov. 2nd and Sims made reference to this video being uploaded to YouTube that afternoon.

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