Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cassandra Goodrum Burton ad

She talks about her plans if she was to win the Aldermanic seat for the 6th Ward.

EDIT: I'm with her on the opportunity for business development on the site of the former Kennedy-King College Campus. That is a great opportunity for commercial development.

It seems she's confident that she has beaten the petition challenges to her in this 32 second clip. Rulings have not been made for her however. And as for her campaign website she plugged in this video, it's time for an update or a redesign. Can't point anyone to a website that doesn't have much on it anyway. If nothing else just set up a blog here at Blogger. Free advice I promise.
That 32 second clip was found via Early & Often.


  1. This election is making me sick at the stomach. I haven't heard anything concrete from most of these candidates but great excuses. I didn't know I owed the city $400 in parking tickets. I mistakenly listed my mama's address. My campaign people mistakenly placed 11/4/10 versus 2/27/11.

    Now she talking about what she can do about KKC where has she been? First, KKC belongs to the City Colleges of Chicago and technically they do not need Aldermandic approval to build on that site. Former CEO Watson and now President of Chicago State,consulted with Alderman Lyle as a courtesy. Why has she avoided questions, what does she think everyone in this community is a crackhead?

  2. So Worlee you made simple mistakes in filing your petitions and you are blaming who exactly...? As for avoiding questions, what are you referring too? She clearly answers them. She does not claim KKC needs Aldermanic approval to build on the site, she simply provides ideas for what could be built there. As for your last comment that was unnecessary and makes no sense at all.

  3. You political butt kissers are funny. Why answer anom? Step up to the plate and talk or better yet have your candidate talk.


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