Friday, January 7, 2011

CAPS Meetings To Be Less Frequent In 2011

Roscoe View Journal:
Starting this month the Chicago Police Department will no longer conduct monthly CAPS meetings.

“Chicago’s Alternative Policing Strategies” meetings, which emphasize face-to-face contact between the actual officers from each beat and local residents, have been moved to quarterly and bi-monthly schedules, depending on police district.

The changes are a result of a city-wide shift of officers from administrative to on-the-street duties.
The need to move personnel around in response to need especially in putting officers where they are needed in those neighborhoods that see an uptick in reported crime. One way to address it is to be sure police officers are in touch not only with any particular alderman but also with the community itself.

I found this article via Second City Cop who stated:
And a result of shrinking attendance, limited impact, fading revenue sources and who knows what else. A "mercy flush" for CAPS would be in order ASAP.
If true that would be disappointing. Of course it seems 2nd City Cop aren't fans of this program either. Just wonder what could be done to increase interest in CAPS or a similar program.

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  1. I learned about the reduction at the last meeting I attended for my beat. There was a request to go from 12 meeting to 10 or 11 meetings and having basically one officer attending.

    I believe part of the problem that some meetings got away from problem solving to becoming a general community meeting. As a former officer of CAPCC we did not endorse CAPS because it quite frankly didn't make sense. Why do I need to go to a meeting to tell police officers, who ride in cars, where the crimes were occurring. Secondly, here in our community police representatives are present at most CBO's meetings and it make it tough to present a valid reason residents need to go to a second meeting.


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