Sunday, January 2, 2011

What been going on over the New Year's Weekend...

Well the New Year leaves the 6th Ward Aldermanic ballot without certainty as the petition challenges to Brian Sleet, Sekum Walker and Burundi Davis remain unresolved according to Concerned Citizens of Chatham. Won't be until mid-January until we know who else will finally be on the ballot in February.

Also, it was reported recently that Burundi Davis had lost his father. Michael Harris posted this news over at our Facebook page and it was seen at Concerned Citizens of Chatham as well.

Also I wanted to note the interest in this decrepit house located at the northeast corner of 74th & Indiana. We want to increase interest in another property JP highlighted in March 2010 which was also decrepit. Hopefully these homes are remodeled and available for ownership and occupation in the near future.

Also GCA is having a candidates forum for 6th Ward Aldermanic candidates on January 22nd. That link also has the December GCA newsletter which features ads by Aldermanic candidates Cassandra Goodrum-Burton, Roderick Sawyer, Brian Sleet, and Richard Wooten. I would like to write about about some of their statements in their ads regarding Chatham in the near future.

Also in comment at Concerned Citizen's of Chatham, the Alderman did talk about a potential snub by GCA. She says neither GCA or the Alderman herself had snubbed anyone. For this one I had to read between the lines as it appears she was concered about placing an ad in the GCA newsletter in an organization that wasn't yet a 501 c(3). Furthermore she was concerned about how this forum was organized. I expect that well there will be some more work to be done in organizing this worthwhile event between GCA and other 6th Ward neighborhood organizations.

This is a basic run down as to what has been going on in the community since the last post. I hope you've had a wonderful holiday and you celebrated the New Years safely.

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