Thursday, February 17, 2011

Campaign test -- 1 week results.

On Monday Feb 7 (Monday after the blizzard), my wife and i began an experiment. We either sent e-mails or left voice messages asking each of the 6 campaigns to send us material to help us determine if we should vote for them. The separate requests either asked for the material to be sent to our home, or to a 60619 P.O. Box.

We received 2 e-mail acknowledgements, and a promise that material would be sent soon. This was from Cassandra Goodrum-Burton and Brian Sleet.

But as of Wednesday afternoon, neither the P.O. Box or our home mailbox had any specific mail form the campaigns. We did receive material, but it looks like it was part of the registered voter database. There didn't seem to be anything specific to us (i.e. it's like no one took the time to make sure we had everything to help us in our decision).

Now, it COULD be a problem with the post office...a Medill School of Journalism (Northwestern University) grad student will be publishing a story on our recent problems with the post office...but after all this time, can just the post office be blamed? Is it true that none of the campaigns actually sent us the material we asked?

In 2007, i had varied responses:

Fredrenna Lyle's office had a packet dropped off at our door within days, which included newspapers articles, brochures, etc. (This was after either a call or e-mail)

Karin Norington Reeves conversed with me via Facebook

When I stopped by Eugene Davis' campaign office, they only had an old newspaper with an article. I left my contact info, and found out that they had signed me up to be a volunteer -- thought at that point, i simply wanted to LEARN more about him as a candidate.

I received no response from Thelma Andrews.

For 2011, I was hoping to get a better response...not a "no response"

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  1. Technically, you didn't get a response from Cassandra Goodrum Burton, she has an autoresponder on her site and so no real person actually responded.


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