Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alderman Hairston,Sawyer, Jackson & Harris- It's Time for a Big Box on the Southeast Side

Now that Alderman Brookins has gotten his wishes for a Walmart that will primarily serve the southwest side and Alderman Beale, Foulkes and Thompson bringing Walmarts to their wards on the far south and far southwest sides, it leaves the southeast side with nothing.

Several years ago there was talk of a Super K-Mart store coming to 77th Stony Island. Several businesses in that area relocated and the land was sold to unnamed developers. Now a sign was erected marketing a 6 acre site that stretches from 77th Stony Island to 78th South Chicago. The site is attractive because it has two major roadways to direct traffic and access to the toll road that could bring in Indiana shoppers. There are several small building adjacent to this site that host relocatable businesses. So we have a site large enough for a big box player to come in. We will have more than enough Walmart's so hopefully the Alderman collectively could reach out to Mejeir or Woodman's who do not have a presence in the city and bring some competition to the market.

The Southeast Alderman need to support this site collectively as it borders on all their wards and could bring much needed jobs to their wards. Also, they are going to have to collectively work together to have the political muscle to convince their fellow city council members and the unions.

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