Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What incident happened on 79th today?

We were coming home from the hospital today around 11am when we saw an ambulance and almost a dozen police cars (marked & unmarked) headed east on 79th today. Police officers were dispacthed at 79th & King to direct traffic, preventing entrance to Eastbound 79th at King.  We saw lights down on 79th, possibly near Cootage Grove.

As of 3:50pm, there was no news on CLTV or Chicago Breaking News.

Anyone know what happened?


  1. i've heard many things, but the bottom line is that there was yet another shooting. I'm unsure if there were 1 or 2 shot, but there definitely was alot of commotion. I was driving down cottage right after it all happened and traffic was a mess...

  2. the website is one way to be informed about crime in around any area of the city you choose.(not just crime but also events in a community) Chatham is an option. The entries are updated pretty regularly. I would recommend signing up on this site to keep up to date.

  3. Under our Blotter tab you will see that we are already subscribed. Bear in mind that Everyblock is not a real-time data source and the information was not on the site yesterday.

    Secondly, we attempt to give more than a generic account of what happened.


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