Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Creative Floral and Gifts is closing its Chatham Location.

Creative Floral and Gifts is closing their Chatham location. We've talked about them several times on the blog.

Carole and Louis Hobson, the owners of the floral shop at 343 E. 79th St., cited the poor economy as well as higher overhead costs as reasons to close the store this weekend.

Carole also mentioned that Balloons & Stuff (460 E 75th St, Chicago, IL 60619; 773-723-4126) will be closing by the end of the year. (Also owned by an older couple).

Creative Floral is a great community business.  They have hired people from the community (such as "Ms. J." who is now at Ruggles school), and given back to the community (hosting events for students at Ruggles, for example, and attending community meetings).

My 6 year old daughter has fallen in love with the place, and is actually mad when she doesn't get a chance to say "hi" to Ms. Hobson.

What wasn't said, but is obvious from Levois' recent posts as well as walking around is the deterioration of 79th, and the loiterers that are along the street that detract from real business.

How do we more effectively help community businesses like Creative Floral? Complaining about what we do NOT want isn't helping businesses we DO want thrive, let alone survive.  Let's spread the word about the businesses that still exist in our community.

Creative Floral will still be in business and serving our community.   Orders can be placed through the website at or you can also call Tollfree: (888)-368-8969


  1. 79th Street needs some help. We shouldn't tolerate the loiterers who will detract from the honest businesses that exist there. What can we do?

  2. Here we go again. Classic example of businesses who market their services but not service their markets. That is why they have closed. The mix of business on 79th street deters people from shopping for items such as flowers and balloons. As we have seen over the last several weeks with alternative schools and pawn shop proposals, every type of nefarious entity will attempt to set up shop if we do not speak up and say NO.

    Also, national chains such as 1-800 flowers, telefora and one stop shop funeral homes cut into their business. There is a chamber of commerce in CBA and a small business development center at Chicago State University that they could have gone to for assistance.

    The situation along 79th street has to change if you want to attract buyers with disposable income. Dollar and corna stores and poor customer service across the board will not attract those buyers.

  3. It's that type of negativity toward good-but-struggling businesses that have opened the door to the "nefarious entity" to gain a foothold.

    If the long term community residents dismiss een the "nice" businesses, don't expect any solutions anytime soon.

    As for solutions -- #1, Actually shop at GOOD businesses. They won't hear your whining if you, AT BEST, provide them with a $0.10 profit. every year. The more you invest with them, the more they will take you seriously. If the "good guys" just get torn down, EXPECT them to avoid coming to you for your "approval"

    #2 WALK the streets. We have people who drive far more than they need to. If you have a relationship with the business, they'll allow you to hang out there, and can deter the negativity.

    #3 Share your delight. Share with your friends about why you like the business or organization. Create a positive spiral.

  4. I am sorry to hear that Carole and Louis Hobson is closing. They are very nice people as well as professional. They put togather a floral when my son was going on the prom. Them being right there on the corner from where I live made it very convient to shop. It's hard to find a floral in this area. Where would we go?


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