Monday, October 17, 2011

MAPS: City Council Black Caucus 50 wards proposal

These maps were sent to me by cartographer Ed Sarpolous who made a presentation at the Black Caucus ward remap hearing from October 3, 2011. Note that the maps below are only drafts and that no particular map has been agreed upon at this point. This map is merely the beginning  of this process and so far there have been two hearings where public input is expected in the city ward remapping process.

The hard deadline for the city council to agree upon a city ward map is December 1st. At that point if the city council can't agree on a map then there will be a binding referendum for the voters to decide in next year's Presidential Primary.

I do intend to post contact information for City Council Black Caucus Chairman Ald. Howard Brookins & Rules Committee Chairman Ald. Richard Mell!

Provided are links to PDF versions of these maps if you wish to print any of them off. Click on the images below for a better resolution.

The first map below is the draft ward boundaries proposed by the Black Caucus overlaid over the community area boundaries.
PDF link

This map is the proposed ward boundaries overlaid with the current ward boundaries in yellow.
PDF link

This is the proposed Black Caucus ward map overlaid on the city's street grid.
PDF link

This map shows the proposed ward boundaries only
PDF link
Not exactly sure what the chart below represents. It appears to show the population of each ward under the proposed new map. The 50 wards for the new map are to contain at least 53,000+ people. As you see some wards will have less and others will have more than that number.
PDF link


  1. It looks like the 46th runs evenly up to Argyle in the draft. I like it!

  2. I used your maps quite extensively in my own post on the Black Caucus proposal, so I figured I might as well share.

    And before you ask, yes, I linked back to this post - it was only fair.

  3. Thanks for your link. I think the people in Englewood would be interested in reading that. Hopefully you will share your other thoughts on the ward remap!


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