2011 Illinois school report cards

Provided by the Chicago Tribune!

This is how my old elementary school - Bennett Elementary - has done in the past year and they have not met federal education requirement with 71% of students meeting ISAT standards.

Here's my old high school Harlan Community Academy! Another school that's listed as not meeting federal education standards. I go to their LSC meetings and they state that they are making progress in turning the school around. While 7.9% of 11th graders met PSAE standards, 96.4% of 7th & 8th graders (Harlan's Academic Center) met or exceeded ISAT standards. BTW, their LSC meeting is tomorrow night!

At the recent West Chesterfield meeting they were expected to have the principal of Gillespie Elementary School there but she couldn't make it. This is how they did in the past year. They also did not meet federal education requirements 57.6% of students meeting ISAT requirements. In 2010 they narrowly avoided an outright overhaul!

Finally here's McDade Classical School who did meet federal education standards. 98.9% of all students met or exceeded ISAT requirements.

I looked at other elementary schools in our ward that I can recall off the top of my head Yale, Dixon, Neil, Ruggles, Burnside, & Pirie and none of them met federal education standards.

Are there any schools I have missed? Let us know how your child's school is doing on the school report card?


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