Saturday, November 5, 2011

3 shot dead in Church's Chicken parking lot

Cameraphone pic of crime scene found on FB
A shooting in the parking lot of Church's Chicken at 87th and King Drive.

Chicago Breaking news has the details:

3 shot dead on South Side
A woman and two men were killed this evening in a shooting near a restaurant and bakery in the Chatham neighborhood on the city's South Side, officials said.

The shooting happened about 5 p.m. on the 8700 block of South King Drive, said Police News Affairs Officer Dan O'Brien.

A man and a woman died at the scene. Another man was wounded and taken in serious-to-critical condition to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, where he died later, according to police and Fire Media.

As of 6 p.m., no one was in custody for the shooting and there was no vehicle description available, O'Brien said.

The three victims, all thought to be in their 20s, were sitting in a car in a parking lot outside a Church's Chicken and a bakery, authorities said.
Sun-Times has more on this story (by Levois):
The woman and one of the men were found dead following the shooting, which occurred in a lot used by a Church’s Chicken restaurant and A Piece of Cake, a long-time local bakery.

The other man was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn in critical condition, where he died about 7:05 p.m., officials said. None of the victims was identified by authorities, but all were believed to be in their 20s.

A bakery worker said the woman had picked up a cake at the shop just before the shooting broke out.

“It happened right outside,” said the worker, who declined to give her name but said the block where the business sits is usually peaceful.


  1. wow. I was in was a mess. that church's lot is usually quiet. its sad how the people of chatham are having to deal with this kind of stuff suddenly. I went to dixon, and back then it was unheard of in that neighborhood. home owners. kids of homeowners. kids who went to college. it is so sad what has become of the neighborhood. well, its still one of the best around here..if not the best, but i am so sorry for the older people who are not used to this. i bet the elderly don't walk in cole park like they used to..sad...really..what will it take? it used to be drug wars, now its money..period...because even the street thugs are begging these days...check your local gas station. I am really sad for these people. It was chaos up there. I know those mothers are hurting tonight, and i am praying for them all. I am hurt, so I can imagine. how do you spell F.E.D.U.P? it certainly ain't many cuz it keep happening..i dunno. can't blame people either..who sends their kid out to kill? nobody...but u know what? they not coming from a working family because if they wouldn't have no gangbanger living in her house and she going to work everyday...not no killa'..they comin from street people homes..who can't help their dang on self. trick babies, crack babies and so forth..i don't mean it in a bad way..but what chance do you have when your mom or dad is depending on you selling so they can get their fix? I hope this gets harm u chatham..i do....svs

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  3. God is the answer!...they are living a life without God being the center of it!..I live in Chatham and have lived there over's so sad when the babies are looked at as armed and dangerous!...all part of a bigger plan...Marshal Law soon to come all over the cities of America..Look at the Occupy groups growing!!.civil war soon in the streets as it is over seas..there is a secret war on U.S. citizens through our young kids!..that's who will turn us the last days..our children..remember the Omen!

  4. To Anom 3:30 am HUH? You make a lot of assumptions and we know what assume means. First, crime is happening all over the city and suburbs. We do not know what the circumstances and the details of this crime so to assume they were Chatham residents is ludacris.

    Secondly, Yes our seniors and other residents are still walking in Cole Park daily, we have also recently built a 300,000 state of the art play lot. Also, our Alderman, community organizations, block clubs, and concerned citizens are working with the city and police to come up with solutions to these outbreaks. The FACT is that most of these high profile incidents involve individuals who ARE NOT Chatham residents.

    Lastly, it is unfortunate that people are dying out here for ridiculous reasons and choose to resolve their differences on the street in a violent manner, but to blame our community for that is unfair and unnecessary.

  5. I too live in Chatam and for the most part the neighborhood is great, quite and fairly safe. Crime happens, its just unfortunate that Black people keep falling for the traps set out here by our counterparts. A lack of exposure and education breeds poverty, poverty breeds crime and ignorance is the worst of all. (IGNORANCE MEANING JUST NOT KNOWINGAND NOT BEING WILLING TO DO THE WORK REQUIRED TO BE A PRODUCTIVE MEMBER OF SOCIETY)My prayers go out to all who were involved.


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