Emanuel: Red Line Will Be Upgraded Now, Extended Later « CBS Chicago

Emanuel: Red Line Will Be Upgraded Now, Extended Later « CBS Chicago

Part of the plan to eventually extend the CTA Red Line towards the southern city limits of Chicago is to upgrade the CTA Red Line itself. Then eventually seek funds to construct the extension:
“We can take the dollars we have, and invest and upgrade the system that exists today, and not put it on hold, but actually plow the $1 billion,” Emanuel said. “As the governor said, 2,500-plus jobs will be affected right now, and as the federal government is negotiating out a new highway transportation bill, that’s when we’re going to seek the funding to go from 95th all the way to 135th.”

Even then the final destination of the Red Line isn't set we've hear 130th Street or somewhere near Altgeld Gardens this CBS2 article says something else:
Plans have been under discussion for some time to extend the Red Line south to 130th Street – although Emanuel’s comment indicated that the line might continue even farther to 135th Street.
I'm very interested in this extension, need to find out what the plans call for the final destination of the train.


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