Former Ald. Lyle appointed to the county circuit court...

UPDATED 9:09 - I was just alerted to the comments in the article from the Tribune about Judge Lyle's appointment to the Cook County bench. A lot of people aren't very happy about this. Although I share this knowing that some have expressed comments supporting her appointment to the bench.

Worlee posted on his blog last night that former Ald. Lyle is to be appointed a circuit court judge in Cook County to fill a vacancy on the second subcircut of Cook County that was originally filled by Michael Stuttley. The Tribune tells us more about Lyle's future plans as a judge:
“I am proud to serve the community in a new area, and it keeps my intellectual juices flowing,” Lyle said of her appointment, adding that she does not plan to run in the March primary for judge but would consider filling another vacancy if one opened up.
It's also expected that she will give up her position as the attorney for the city council's Black Caucus within the next week. In her capacity with the Black Caucus she had been working on the remap effort.


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