Occupy Englewood Schools...

In response to Tuesday's news that CPS is expected to turnaround 10 schools around the city. The Englewood Portal notes that half of that neighborhoods elementary schools are on "level 3" probation. One of those schools neighborhood schools Stagg Elementary is on the turnaround list.

On this issue RAGE poses the following questions:
  • Are the students in our neighborhood receiving the worst education CPS can offer?
  • We have an influx of charter schools in Englewood (Providence, Urban Prep, Betty Shabazz, Amandla, Noble College, and more) are these any better?
  • What are we doing wrong as a community that we are allowing this to happen to our students in the 60621 and 60636 zip code?
  • How can the community help "Occupy Englewood Schools" to assure our students have a fair chance in the real world??
  • What can RAGE or other stakeholders do to help combat this issue?
Of course for many parents or supporters of public education the idea of a "turnaround" - which only means that these individuals school's faculty will effectively be removed from their positions and replaced - is bound the be controversial. Then again if we do support public education in Chicago there has to be a way to insure the desired results of educating our young people.


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