REMINDER: Ward Remap forum in Roseland Heights

I will refer you to the information posted last Tuesday. The information there contains petition sheets and letters that you can submit with your signature to the ward remap forum hosted by the Roseland Heights Community Association.

This forum will start at 7 PM and doors will be open at 6:30 PM. It will take place at Temple of Glory, 311 E. 95th Street. You will be able to sign a petition that demonstrates your support for keeping the 6th Ward in tact. If you found out about this meeting here let them know this blog sent ya! ;)

Their November newsletter is posted below. It's interesting in that they encourage concerned citizens to contact Ald. Howard Brookins and Ald. Richard Mell (33rd Ward) as they respectively Chair the City Council's Black Caucus and the City Council's Rules Committee.

BTW, contact Howard Brookins at 773.881.9300 and Also contact Richard Mell at to let them know your feelings on the ward remap. Especially to let them know you don't wish to be drawn out of the 6th Ward!
Roseland Heights Newsletter November 2011


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