Monday, November 14, 2011

The Sixth Ward, four years later...

Block club sign at 97th & Indiana
The first post here was on November 7, 2007. Months before that was the municipal election of 2007 that saw a lot of local blogs come out to influence elections in their individual wards such as in Uptown or even Roger's Park.

This blog was here in 2011 to help inform you of the candidates in the race for 6th Ward Alderman. It is my hope that we helped with your decision to choose who you wanted to choose back in either February or April.

This year as it turns out was a year of change. There has been a regime change here with a new Alderman. Also because of the results of the 2010 census we're also facing a ward remap that could affect our neighborhoods. As we see the mobilization for the 2011 municipal elections we also see the mobilization to keep the 6th Ward intact!

In addition to that, it's my hope to continue to cover those people who seek to make our neighborhoods a better place to live. That will include those businesses that serve our neighborhoods best, our schools, our public servants, even our neighborhood organizations. Hopefully those together will make our area a desirable place to not only live, but to play as well.

As I started this blog in the early days I had little idea what the content was going to consist of. More and more it does include making it to neighborhood meetings in addition to the more political content and random news items from our community. That's a good thing and hopefully the blog will continue to evolve.

The goal will always be to not only talk about what's wrong with our community but to talk about what's right with our community. Let's emphasize the best of our neighborhoods and hope that the positive aspects will spread into those areas that are looking for a turnaround.

Thanks to you all for your support. Thanks also for contributing your thoughts either here on this blog, but on our FB page and also thanks for following us on Twitter and sharing your thoughts there as well. My only request if that you continue to share us and encourage your friends and neighbors to join in on the discussion that. The world must know that the people here care about their neighborhoods!

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