Roseland Heights remap forum & petitions...

Keep in mind that there are two ward remap hearings today (@ South Shore International College Prep High School gym, 1955 E. 75th St.) and on Wednesday (@ Morgan Park High School auditorium, 1744 W. Pryor Ave.). Both meetings are from 6PM to 9PM

Just got an e-mail on Friday from the Roseland Heights Community Association
FYI Remap Meeting

Residents of Roseland Heights I attended the WCCA Forum this week. RHCA plans to have our remap forum Nov. 15th in place of our monthly meeting.

It is a must attend meeting. Please tell your neighbors to sign and bring letters of protest or Print the attached petition and get your neighbors to sign.

Thank You

RHCA Remap Forum
Guest Speaker: Jean Paul Thomas
November 15, 2011
Temple of Glory International
311 E. 95th Street Chicago, IL 60619
7:00 pm
You can make a difference.
This meeting almost two days away from a scheduled ward remap hearing to take place at city hall on Nov. 17th. I guess that means an update to our calendar! BTW, a protest letter and petition form are posted below. If you wish to print them off they are in a printable format.
Letter of protest

RHCA petition form


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