West Chesterfield wants Chatham's held on ward remap...

In a message to the neighbors of the 6th Ward, the GCA sends an e-mail blast with a note from West Chesterfield Community Association President Michael LaFargue. He has been solidly on top of the remap issue since it's possible that West Chesterfield will lie in the 9th Ward instead of the 6th Ward. This was in GCA's comments, but it has been said at various meetings throughout the ward:

Below is a message from the President of the West Chesterfield Community Association asking for our help in keeping the 6th Ward intact with our strong voting block of 6th Ward communities: Chatham, Chesterfield, Park Manor, Roseland Heights and West Chesterfield.
Mr. LaFargue's message is below!

A Message from Michael LaFargue, President
West Chesterfield Community Association

Below this statement are the times & dates for Alderman Richard Mell's Remapping Meetings

The West Chesterfield community is bound by 87th Street to 95th Street, State Street to King Drive.

The West Chesterfield Community Association understands the difficulties in remapping wards in ways that retain minority representation for communities based on the voting age populations.

However, The West Chesterfield Community Association is OPPOSED to being redistricted out of the 6th Ward as Drafted.

West Chesterfield (WC) and Chatham are in the 6th Ward. Half of the West Chesterfield Community is located in Chatham. 100% of West Chesterfield has similar needs and demands to those of Chatham.

WCCA is concerned about the uncommonly large land boundary increase of the proposed 9th Ward map as drafted.

The WCCA demands 1.) accountable redistricting 2.) demands right to recommend a preferred redistricted map, and 3.) Requests the right to review the redistricting data.

WE PROPOSE A REMAP THE KEEPS West Chesterfield in the 6th Ward and suggests additional voters be retained from from wards 21, 34, 08 and/or 07.

We work well with the Greater Chatham Alliance community.

We hope all affected by the redistricting wish West Chesterfield to remain a part of the 6th ward.

You will also find documents for signage materials attached to this email.

We thank Chatham residents for your consideration.
They urge 6th Ward residents to not only attend one or both of the ward remap hearings for this week, but to also bring a protest sign with them. It seems these signs are meant for West Chesterfield residents. However there are other people outside that neighborhood who are concerned about being drawn out of the 6th Ward.

Did you attend a ward remap hearing? Will you attend any future ward remap hearings? Were you carrying a West Chesterfield redistricting protest sign at any meeting?


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