"Map for a Better Chicago" proposal overlaid on the city street grid

Done again by @natelynch who presented this on twitter. Here's a link to his cartography, but it's presented below on the map. Both of the submitted proposals for the new city ward map have descriptions of what the boundaries are for each ward. They still have to be voted on and approved and there could be changes to either proposal when they're finally up for a vote.

Below is a crop of where the 6th Ward would be draw under this proposal. As stated in a previous post, this map would take the 6th further west into Englewood than it was under the original Black Caucus proposal. However, it would cut off at 87th Street. The Ninth ward would take up most of the southern portion of the 6th and the 8th would also take up some of the land south of 87th up to about Tuley Park.

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