Friday, January 6, 2012

MALDEF map another look...

I posted about this proposal yesterday. The map here was e-mailed to us by Josip "Joe" Trutin who is currently running for 2nd District State Rep. This map is color coded according to race/ethnicity and if you see a larger resolution you will see how it was drawn accordingly.

BTW, I found some items that further discuss this map. For example more than a few people are being very harsh about this map that certainly redraws a lot of wards around the city. The 3rd Ward would essentially be the 20th Ward under this remap. The 21st Ward would get a nice slice of the 19th Ward. While the 19th Ward itself is forced to go further north.

So the chairman of the Black Caucus 21st Ward Alderman Howard Brookins talked about this proposal:
Ald. Howard Brookins, 21st, chairman of the Black Caucus, called the division of the 19th "a nonstarter," and Ald. Daniel Solis, 25th, chairman of the Latino Caucus, said the proposal could add to the debate but was unlikely to be accepted by aldermen because of its significant ward alterations.
We saw how residents of the 6th Ward responded to a proposed remap that would send some of the neighborhoods south of 95th Street into the 9th Ward. And we saw how 19th Ward residents (people of Beverly, Morgan Park, and Mt. Greenwood) responded to any potential redrawing of their ward. In which case, Brookins certainly knows what he is talking about.

Another knock against this remap is noted by Alderman Dick Mell whose city council rules committee who largely has to get the process started on a remap
"You can put all the maps you want out there, but MALDEF unfortunately can't vote. They are not members of City Council," said 33rd Ward Alderman Dick Mell.

Mell is the chairman of the rules committee. While he took a look at MALDEF's proposal, his goal is to get the black and Latino caucuses to compromise on their two remap proposals.
Seems a bit arrogant doesn't it? Just add another map to the discussion in order to forge a compromise between the disparate groups. That shouldn't be unreasonable now should it?

So far it looks like the various sides of this remap fight still aren't budging from what they seek from this process. It's a new year and no one is moving right now. Then again we also heard that the negotiations are very close and there's lot of work to do. Then not long after that reports that remap talks have broken down!

Sooner or later JP Paulus' insistence that citizens should choose their ward map is starting to look better & better by the day.

Also it makes me wonder what it takes to draw a ward map. At least for an amateur who is very interested in the process. That would have to be good blog post in and of itself.


  1. I think we need to go back pre 1960's and look at the wards and start from there. Because if we look at the 6th ward it was part of the eighth and other wards were aligned differently as well. Using that we might be able to develop a map that could be acceptable to all.

  2. If only we could find that map.

  3. i'd definitely be open to it....we definitely need better options than the Caucus ones. The MALDEF proposal is one that many of our 6th ward residents would appreciate.

    I still hope we can vote on the re-map, and that MALDEF would be an option!


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