ABC 7: Community group calls for term limit referendum

On this blog from time to time you have heard about Syron Smith. He is known for the National Block Club University and his runs for state representative & alderman of the 15th ward. Now he's found another cause:
A community group is calling for a referendum on term limits for all Chicago aldermen and for the mayor.

The group is called Blocks of Good Government.

Its members say they will create what they call report cards for the 19 African American aldermen, grading them on the job they're doing.

They say they're limiting it to African American aldermen because their wards have the biggest problems.
"We're going to ask the people to sign a non-binding referendum for term limits so no alderman or the mayor can serve more than two consecutive terms in office," said Syron Smith, Block of Good Government. 
To be honest, my position on term limits is bascially open minded but not sure if it's the solution. At the same time, how many of you would consider voting for this? I may not agree with it, but certainly term limits is worth a referendum.

If you're on the red line you might have run into some people who are handing out petitions regarding term limits. Although I'm not clear as to whom this initiative is directed at. That is are we targeting our elected officials on the state level or could this be directed toward elected officials on the local level (city or county)?


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