VIDEO: Al Sharpton townhall erupts into anti-Chicago Machine revolt

[VIDEO] To be honest, I'm not entirely certain I wanted to post this here. This video was posted online by Rebel Pundit who often provides stories to which is a right-wing news and commentary website. The only reason I share this video here is because it was seen on the Culture of Black Chicago FB page and it's embedded below.

Now, there are a number of questions to ask about the video. First, is this truly about the machine or is it about Mayor Rahm Emanuel? Second we never saw Al Sharpton in this video, but is this attempt at a town hall truly an attempt to cherry pick the issues of gun violence in Chicago.

It's been a while since we heard anything resembling "Occupy Chicago", perhaps what we saw in this almost 6 min video above is the start of "Tea Party Chicago".

Also, I need to see how much coverage this event had before a citizen journalist such as Rebel Pundit put this story out there.


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