Don't Let Thieves Ruin Your Holidays

As we come closer to Christmas day, many are out shopping in stores or online and are purchasing large gifts such as appliances, gaming systems, televisions, etc. While you are bringing these items in your home, those with bad intentions are shopping by perusing the alleys looking at the trash you put out. A few tips that you can use to ensure that you have a happy and safe holiday

  • Invest in a utility knife from Home Depot or Lowes ($1-$2) and a permanent marker from Staples ($1-$2).
  • Remove all identifying labels from boxes or mark out information with marker.
  • Untape all boxes and break down so they can fit in recycling can. For larger boxes cut boxes up so they can fit in recycling can
  • Consider taking heavier cardboard boxes to City of Chicago recycling centers or place out the night before recycling pickup.
For those who have gently used items that you are going to replace items, consider donating those items to some local non profits and if you do no know of any, organizations such as Zealous Good can find organizations that can use those items.


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