Englewood vs. Pullman

The Pullman Walmart in September
I've actually sat on this post since September. There was a point to it but wasn't entirely sure where to take it. Basically the purpose has been to point out the differences between Englewood & Pullman.

One of the big stories of the year concerning the south side of Chicago was Englewood getting a Whole Foods Market at 63rd/Halsted expected by 2016. There were a number of concerns from the "dreaded G word" and then affordability for nearby residents. Besides, the term "Whole Paycheck" isn't created from nothing.

Of course that same month as the Whole Foods announcement in Sepetmber, a Walmart supercenter opened in the Pullman neighborhood near the Bishop Ford (Calumet) Expressway just off of 111th Street. And it was a subject of the recent "Tipping Point in Chicago" special that aired on FOX Chicago recently.

So if all goes to plan Englewood will have a development coming in about three years and of course Pullman has their big development with more to come as there is a shopping center built around Walmart. I wonder if we could compare these two communities which is what I would've liked to have down.

It would be easy to ask what's the difference between Pullman and Englewood. Not entirely sure that's fair as perhaps Pullman is a different neighborhood than Englewood. Unless of course you want to consider the greater Roseland neighborhood nearby.

Would this now open Walmart in Pullman be considered a tipping point as the expected Whole Foods Market could be in Englewood?


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