Everyblock is officially online!

Everyblock is back! You may heard it on the news, but now it is official.

In case you don't know know what Everyblock is, it's a site that tries to connect many communities. They offer aggregate news, message boards, and more. Communities are set up in various ways, such as by zip codes, wards and neighborhoods. They are considered one of the leading sites for hyperlocal news

You can also custom make a location on Everyblock, such as a police beat, so you can follow the news/discussions of a particular area. In particular, our 6th Ward is very different from one area to another, so this can be particularly use.

What I am personally grateful for is that previous messages and conversations have been preserved, so some of the information and opinion that people have poured much time into (such as Worlee & RAGE) is still there, so we can go back and discuss it even further.

Everyblock is  a great tool, and thanks to Comcast for putting it back up. Some of us may have issues with Comcast on a number of things, but support local efforts like Everyblock, CLTV and CAN TV are very much appreciated.


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