Since the cold weather is back...

Since the "polar vortex" weather has returned it's OK to rerun this information. Of course if you want either transport or to know where the nearest warming center is please call 311. Other than that we posted this information before - during the earlier "polar vortex" weather - from State Rep. Elgie Sims:
  • Keep Warm Illinois
    • A website aimed at identifying warming centers around the state and other information necessary to assist with keeping warm during the cold months of the year.
  • Getting Around Illinois
    • The website will provide residents and motorists with information regarding the status of our roads.
  • ComED energy assistance
    • Customers are encouraged to notify ComED as quickly as possible if they experience an outage.
    • Customers can text OUT to 26633 to report any outages and receive restoration information, or they can contact ComED by calling 1-800-EDISON-1.


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