Looks like we're finally getting our thaw in the weather

[VIDEO] As you see in the video above from CBS 2 Chicago, city officials are keeping an eye on the melting snow and ice. Also rain is expected tomorrow further washing away the snow that has been on the ground for the past month.

Also when the snow and ice melts thanks to the warm temps and the rain all the result water has to go somewhere and unfortunately could cause flooding in the area. City officials are getting ready for any expecting issues.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel joked about the change in the weather. He's suggested to his underlings that they watch the coming Noah movie urging them to come up with a plan for the melting snow.

In addition to patching up the streets that have taken a beating this winter, now it's time to clear up all the catch basins and storm drains so that the water will be cleared from city streets. At least that's the plan from the city for all this water we're going to see.

At least we're finally getting a taste of spring! :)


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