Monday, June 9, 2014

WBEZ: Watch Chicago's 2nd Ward fly north over the years

The remap that was approved in 2012 has returned to the news recently. WBEZ reports on the history of the 2nd Ward and how and where it was drawn over the years. It was discussed in light of a case before federal court regarding the 2012 remap. It was noted that since 1980, three out of four remaps were challenged.

Back during the whole remap debate, this issue proved to be controversial amongst the many residents of the 6th Ward. Many of the neighborhoods contained within didn't want to be mapped out of the 6th although this came to pass anyway. Many cited similarities to the other communities of the 6th Ward such as Chatham (which remains in the 6th) and West Chesterfield (which ultimately was remapped into the 9th Ward).

All the same, I'm pretty sure Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his allies wouldn't have put forward a map if they didn't think it would prevail in a courtroom. As for that idea whenever there is a ruling - how do i find out about the ruling is the next question - we shall see if the remap expected to be implemented by the 2015 elections will prevail or not.
  • Check out the redistricting label for previous posts on the ward remap!

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