Thursday, August 14, 2014

Changes are coming soon to the Chatham 14

Concept of the new SMG Chatham theater

Since the spring of this year I sat on this post regarding Studio Movie Grill Chatham and now it's time to share this today because of a recent DNA Info article about the expected renovations to the former ICE Theaters Chatham 14 are behind schedule.

I had been up there to watch a movie back in May and see the complex has largely been emptied especially of it's game room but not sign that any work has commenced. And so far nothing new had been put onto the building. So what's going on?
The owner of the former Chatham 14 Theaters, 210 W. 87th St., said it is waiting for city approvals before beginning renovations, which were expected to begin in February and end by June.

"We got pushed back a bit trying to get licenses and approvals from the city," said Lynne McQuaker, a spokeswoman for Studio Movie Grill in Plano, Texas.

But according to data from the city's Buildings Department, the theater received a permit on April 21 and as of Tuesday no other permits had been issued.
So what's the hold-up? Some customers have their opinions:
"I have been coming here since it opened in 1997 when it was called ICE Chatham 14, then Chatham 14 Theaters last year and now Studio Movie Grill," said Walter Childs, a 67-year-old Grand Crossing resident. "My wife and I come to Chatham to see a movie every weekend and we're looking forward to coming more often once alcohol is available."

Rosemary Burns, 75, said she goes to the theater three times a week with other seniors from her West Chatham neighborhood.

"The community room is what I was looking forward to the most. There's not a lot of places in Chatham that provide meeting rooms for seniors," Burns said.
Here's hopeing these new exciting changes will commence soon.

Now here's the information I sat on from this past spring. So time to dust this post off for more information. To start, a press release from SMG. Also another DNA Info article about the name change as the Chatham Theater went from ICE Theaters to Chatham 14 Theaters and now SMG Chatham.

Feel free to let us know what you think of these changes and whether or not you'd support the theater with its coming changes.

Well I sat on this for a month or so and only bring this out because of a month-old press release from Studio Movie Grill (SMG) that illustrates their national expansion. We already know that the Chatham 14 Theaters are now owned by SMG with future renovations set to start this spring. The Chatham will have reserved seating and will offer expanded food service in addition to serving alcoholic beverages.

Here's the part that involves the Chatham in the SMG release:
A complete remodeling and modernization will bring the existing Chatham 14 Theater in Chicago in line with today's SMG brand identity. With a completion date of May 2014, SMG Chatham will boast 13 screens and 1,400 seats, along with a modern lounge and lobby area and an exciting, contemporary menu.
Another article also a month old - from DNA Info - discusses the Chatham's future name change. Also in light of the new changes we knew were coming since January two articles about the Chatham's future as part of SMG were posted onto the Press Room page of the company's official website.

The name change that's coming is one of the many changes that have occurred at the Chatham since 2012. That includes changes in ownership and operating companies. It was noted that many still refer to the theater as ICE although Inner City Entertainment no longer operates/owns the venue. There were also examples of people who have no idea who owns the theaters let alone the name, all they know is that a movie theater is nearby!

Either way with the new amenities coming to the community what could the future bring to our neighborhood movie house once the conversion to SMG is complete?

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