Wednesday, August 13, 2014

CTA Provides Update on Proposed Red Line Extension from 95th to 130th Street

Future Red Line extension
Nothing new was reported in this recent press release by the CTA regarding the Red Line extension to 130th Street. CTA is further narrowing down its options as far as the extension from from 95th into the Roseland community and Altgeld Gardens where the extension would ultimately terminate. Now it's where along the Union Pacific tracks would trains be routed.

I got wind of this via CTA Tattler which shared an article from the Tribune which illustrated how much of the city - eh strike that the Chicago area in general - is a transit desert. That is depending on where you live if you don't own a car it's difficult to get around the area on public transit. The scheduling may be inconvenient or the services aren't always fast and efficient.

I had seen that article and thought exactly about the communities on the far south side. The people of Roseland and Altgeld Gardens should be able to get to opportunities outside of their neighborhoods if that's where they are. And yes I'm referring to jobs and education.

Another piece I saw recently from Chicago Magazine was the future of transit in Chicago. One of the pieces of future transit was extending the L train network around Chicago in the next few years. At that the Red Line extension was one piece of that puzzle.

Also Greg Hinz recently wrote about attempting to make big plans for transit construction. Mainly the focus is around downtown Chicago which I understand, the city should take care of downtown. At that same time here's hoping city planners are considering people in the neighborhoods outside of downtown when it comes to public transportation.

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