An old van and a deposit at a south side credit union...

[VIDEO] I know what you're probably thinking. Why am I showing this Republican and his old van shown in this recent campaign ad (via CapFax)?

The answer is that on Friday he drove that 20-year-old Volkswagen van to the South Side Community Federal Credit Union to drop $1 million dollars into that financial institution. To be more precise a $200,000 donation, and a $800,000 deposit.
Rauner says $200,000 is a donation to a related foundation and $800,000 was deposited in an account. The money will be used for small business loans. Rauner says he'll earn a small percentage of interest.
Better yet, how about we see WLS' Charles Thomas report on this on TV and in fact you will see him drive up into the shopping center near 54th/Wentworth where the credit union is located.


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