Saturday, September 6, 2014

DNA Info: Guess Who's Throwing a Grand Ol' Party In Chicago's Black Community?

UPDATE Sept. 8, 2014 12:12 PM - Corrections post can be seen here - Levois
Jim Oberweis (red shirt) on 79th St. on Thursday - DNAinfo/ Mark Konkol

We shared with you earlier this week about the opening of a local Republican office in the 6th ward on 511 East 79th Street earlier in the week. That event occurred this past Thursday and right in time for the gubernatorial campaign which I believe will be as close as the 2010 election.

All the same this DNA Info article by Mark Konkol well I'm not sure how to read it. He is clearly incredulous that the GOP is opening an actual office on the south side. Either way there is a theory behind this development:
[Chicago GOP Vice Chairman Chris Cleveland] pointed to a well-known theory about state elections in Illinois: It takes at least 20 percent of the Chicago vote to win statewide office.

“If we can get 20 percent or raise that number to 25 percent, we can win,” he said. “Democrats have racked up enormous vote totals in Chicago in the past and we haven’t competed at all. So we think that if we compete and if we present a plan to urban voters … we can raise the number of Republican votes in the city. And with our statewide totals our candidates can win."
As you see in the pic above Jim Oberweis - a suburban state senator who is running against current Democratic US Senator Dick Durbin - made an appearance at the 6th Ward GOP office on 79th Street. Let's not forget he's been making his rounds on the south side. He's appeared at events for local pastor Corey Brooks and Jahmal Cole found him at Abbott Park. Regardless Oberweis' appearance hasn't gone unnoticed here:
A few dozen folks sat on folding chairs eating chicken wings and sucking on Oberweis “On-The-Go Ice Cream Tubes” as political operatives and campaign organizers gave impromptu speeches in an attempt to rally support.

The maker of those ice cream tubes, U.S. Senate candidate Jim Oberweis, gave his pitch for their election-day support wearing a red golf shirt stamped with the logo of the Chicago Club — a private social group that counts the city’s most prominent, wealthy businessmen and politicians among its membership.
Oberweis mingled with locals on the sidewalk as the sun set on the 79th Street horizon. He said the new Republican outposts were an “incredible idea” that could be a historic moment for both his party and the people living in struggling parts of Chicago.

“The Democrats have taken people for granted for many years. Today, people realize they can vote for a Democrat or Republican if they think he offers the best solutions,” Oberweis said. “If both parties have to fight for their vote, we’re going to be a lot more concerned about how we help the people and how we consider their needs. That’s the very best thing for this community that can happen.”

BTW, let's get a quote in from 6th Ward GOP committeeman Darnell Macklin:
While people at the Chatham gathering might not have much in common with Oberweis and the Chicago Club set, 6th Ward Republican Committeeman Darnell Macklin said his party’s new presence could get attention from inner-city voters who feel left behind.

“We’re a sleeping giant, us African-American folks, and we need to make a change and start looking at different candidates who are going to do something for us,” Macklin said. “And a lot of us believe in conservative values — free enterprise, less government, lower taxes and lower unemployment, concept and charter schools, traditional marriage and the right to bear arms.”
Finally, Worlee ran upon the first shots fired in the 2015 race for 6th Ward Alderman and was fired by Richard Wooten who came in third in the February 2011 elections to current Alderman Roderick Sawyer and then Alderman Freddrenna Lyle

Would you be willing to vote Republican in November? Are you curious about the new tenants on 79th Street?

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