Some corrections regarding the "Grand Old Party" on 79th Street
Jim Oberweis in red shirt on 79th Street Thursday - DNA Info
A statement was forwarded to us by Republican US Senate nominee Jim Oberweis regarding our recent post about the opening of a GOP office in Chatham. Mark Konkol wrote in his DNA Info article that I excerpted that state Senator Oberweis was wearing a shirt bearing the logo of the City Club of Chicago.
FYI, I am not, and never have been, a member of the Chicago Club, nor do I have a shirt with the Chicago Club logo on it.  I tried to post a comment in response to this article but could not.  Can anyone tell me who wrote it?
Jim Oberweis
Well, if you're looking for me to verify this - especially since I didn't attend this event - sorry I can't. The pictures don't show the shirt in question clearly. I'm including the picture provided with the DNA Info article also posted on Saturday and Worlee's pictures shared on the FB page:

Now it makes me wonder why Konkol thought Oberweis was wearing a City Club shirt. And why create an association between the two? We probably know why, but the state Senator wants us to know he's not associated with them at all. If you ask me it doesn't bother me at all, but I realize someone may take issue with it regardless.

Here is a further correction via e-mail by 6th Ward GOP Committeeman Darnell Macklin: "The chairs were stacking chairs, not folding chairs......and the food was a platter(s) consisting of chicken wings, shrimp, vegetable puffs, onion rings, fish, and a vegetable tray."

And also noted in some of the comments of Konkol's article, there was more to eat than chicken wings at this event. There's more to what happened at this event than was has been written so far.

I'm going to post a link to this post to that earlier one about this event.


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