Aldertrack is back...
Since we've started getting into political mode yesterday it's OK to start sharing this website.

You may have heard about Aldertrack over the years. It was around for the 2007 elections and in a different iteration it was around for 2011 as part of the Early & Often service provided by the late great Chicago News Coop.

This year it's back and you can purchase from them a "racing form" which shows all the candidates for the 2015 elections along with new ward maps. You can purchase them a digital copy online for $5 although you can also pick up a paper copy at bars around the city. The only south side location appears to be in Beverly near 106th & Western.

As always of course we are covering wards 6, 9 & 21 for the 2015 so you can always check our coverage here. I did forget to post the link to our 2015 page in a recent post and don't forget if you have any news to share feel free to share with us on our Twitter & FB pages along with sending an e-mail (posted in the sidebar).


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