Methadone clinic protest November 1st...

Methadone Clinic at 110 E. 79th Street
Information below come from a flyer that was sent to our e-mail recently. Greater Chatham Alliance has been all over this methadone clinic for many years.
  • P R O T E S T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GCA is saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Our community has seen an influx of people that have been loitering on or around homes, in alleys, around blocks and businesses located near 79th Street and on Ruggles school grounds during school hours at recess. They are coming from the Methadone Clinic at 110 E. 79th Street. We have Pleaded with the owner to provide exterior security to monitor their clients and manage them so they don’t come before the clinic opens and urge them to go home and not hang around on the school grounds & businesses after their treatment. HE WON’T COMPLY! But it’s got to stop! JOIN US!

    Saturday November 1, 2014
    110 E. 79th Street (in front of clinic)
    10:30 am until you decide to leave
    Thank you for your support


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