#MBMHMC: "The Old Obama" Altgeld Gardens, Riverdale

[VIDEO] Episode 5 of Jahmal Cole's webseries My Block My Hood My City takes him to the Riverdale community which includes the Altgeld Gardens housing project.

The President is mentioned because of his history in that area. In a time before he first became at Illinois state senator Obama had been a community activist in this part of the city. If you want to know more about those activities you may want to refer to his autobiography Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.

Also the photo below is a wall with all the names of deceased residents of Altgeld Gardens over the years Cole explains:
"The Wall" or "The Wall of Death" lists the names of deceased Altgeld Residents --- going back decades. It's a tradition at the Gardens to write the names on the wall, so the person's name will be set on stone and never forgotten.  This is social capital at its finest. In the Pullman community, residents that live on a different tier of the Socioeconomic ladder, hang fancy art work on the gates in their alleys. At the Altgeld Gardens, the local residents write names on the wall. Beauty can't be stratified. 
Please watch the video above and of course feel free to let us and Mr. Jahmal Cole know what you think.

The wall at Altgeld Gardens via MBMHMC


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