Progress IL: Chicago's Chatham Residents Call For Changes To Local Methadone Clinic

Via Progress IL
Former DNA Info reporter Wendell Huston has landed at Progress Illinois. He reported on the protest outside of the Methadone Clinic on 110 E. 79th Street that took place this past Saturday:
A group of Chatham residents pushed back against a South Side methadone clinic, that serves sex offenders and drug users, during a protest Saturday. The South Siders would like to see the facility relocated; and if that doesn't happen, they want increased supervision of the clinic's patients.

Clarence Collins III has lived in Chatham for 22 years and is concerned about the close proximity of the clinic, located at 110 E. 79th St., to nearby schools.

King's Kiddie Kingdom III, a daycare center, is located across the street from the clinic at 207 E. 79th St., and Martha Ruggles Elementary School, 7831 S. Prairie Ave, is just three blocks away.

"That's too close for me. I would not want my children attending a school this close to a clinic that treats substance abusers," Collins said. "We [Chatham residents] have reached out to management on more than one occasion, but have not heard back from them regarding a meeting."

He added that the protest was meant to bring awareness to the growing problem of patients loitering in the neighborhood after leaving the clinic.
Read the whole thing and lets us know your thoughts.


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