Chatham Churches Demonstrate that #BlackLivesMatter = part 1

Here are some photos from this past Sunday's #BlackLivesMatter protests by area churches.

From Rev. William Hall and St. James Lutheran

Today GOD blessed our church...
TODAY was the FIRST time our church marched in its history!!! 
22 of us marched from our church down 79th and PRAYED and chanted "HANDS OUT WE HELP"... 
Along the route we hugged people, even helped during an accident between an elderly man and a guy....
When we were done we ate SOUP...

And from Greater Institutional AME Church



Temple of Glory International marched with Bethlehem Star on 95th, between Cottage Grove & King Drive. (The churches were for each end, but came together).

If there are others, please share with us...Or if anyone would like to do a guest blog post on your experience, we would welcome it. e-mail photos and text to blog (at)
Later today, we will share some events coming up THIS Sunday, December 14 (which is also Levois & JP's birthday!)


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