DNA Info: South Shore Dominick's: City Council OKs Use of Eminent Domain

Former Dominick's 71st/Jeffrey - Eric Allix Rogers/flickr
So now the shopping center at 71st/Jeffrey in South Shore is now subject to eminent domain takeover by the city of Chicago. Now it's the city's problem to figure out who might fill the space formerly occupied by the Dominick's chain - which is owned by Safeway who opted to vacate their Chicago area stores last year.

There's been some difficulty in finding another grocer to take this spot. We've often heard that the Mariano's chain growing in the area after Dominick's departure isn't interested in this location but is looking at other spots in the South Shore area.

The current owners claimed per DNA Info that they had been close to signing a deal with a Puerto Rico based grocery chain. However there are those dismiss this company because of allegations that they stole electricity at this chain's Virgin Island stores.

So the question is will the city prove to be more successful at finding a new tenant for the Dominick's store than the owners of this property?


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