Thursday, January 8, 2015

6th Ward Aldermanic forum set for January 31

While the exact time, and location, has not yet been settled, the Greater Chatham Alliance has scheduled a 6th ward Aldermanic forum to be held on January 31st. The time and location have yet to be determined. We will post more details as their are known.

This forum will be open to the public.  See the bottom of this post for the e-mail announcement. For questions, you may contact Leslie Honore, Greater Chatham Alliance corresponding secretary, for details at (773) 635-6500 or leslie (at)

Greater Chatham Alliance hosted a similar forum for the 2011 elections, which seemed to be helpful for many people.

Disclosure: the Sixth Ward writer JP Paulus volunteered for the 2011 forum.
Our Aldermanic Forum is set forSaturday, January 31st.

Location is still being finalized! But get ready for it!

You will be able to see all three of the candidates running for office (in alphabetical order) since we are playing fair here: Brian Garner, Alderman Roderick Sawyer and Richard Wooten. No word if Jerry Pierce is on the ballot yet.

This will be your opportunity to hear the issues, insights, and to really assess who can lead our ward for the next 4 years.

We plan to invite the entire 6th ward communities and want this event to be all-inclusive.

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