We've been getting tweets regarding 69th Street...

Via Mark A. Clements twitter @prisonspeaks

Starting earlier this month we had been mentioned in a series of tweets by Mark A. Clements. Clements notes in his twitter profile that he had been sentenced to prison die in prison after being tortured and then admitting to a crime he didn't commit. Now he has a current mission, which is to look at the condition of the area near 69th & State Street.

The pic above was originally shared on Clements twitter page and we also shared it onto our ig page. This is a pothole on 69th Street and deep enough for a discarded tire.

So the series of tweets shared a number of videos shot along 69th Street just east of State Street showing us the conditions there. Potholes such as the one above, drains that need clearing, vacant lot, and trash dotted along the street. While he's yet to share this on his twitter page, these are two of his most recent videos - forgot to add that he also has a YouTube page.


Finally here's one of the examples of the tweets Mr. Clements has sent to this blog on Twitter

Is there anywhere else that you believe deserves attention as to the conditions of the streets, infrastructure or otherwise needs a cleanup.


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